1st Edition

Challenges in Higher Education Leadership Practical and Scholarly Solutions

    256 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    256 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In this important resource, experienced higher education presidents and senior leaders come together with respected scholars to tackle the most important and timely issues facing leaders in colleges and universities today.  Challenges in Higher Education Leadership advances critical leadership and management skills across a broad array of topics, including student learning, access and affordability, racism, fundraising, athletics, and new technology. Chapters strike a balance between theory and practical advice while promoting the notion that all leaders can learn lessons from one another that can be useful in their own specific contexts. This book poses strategic questions readers should answer, along with advice about how to effectively address today's challenges, providing leaders with the skills and perspectives necessary to respond to higher education students’ needs. 



    James Soto Antony, Ana Mari Cauce, and Donna E. Shalala

    Chapter 1

    Avatars of Learning: The Heart and Purpose of Presidential Leadership

    William Scott Green and Donna E. Shalala

    Chapter 2

    Leading the Call for Improving Student Learning Goals and Outcomes

    Corbin M. Campbell and Mary J. Meehan

    Chapter 3

    The Leadership Challenges for Higher Education’s Digital Future

    Rafael L. Bras and Richard A. DeMillo

    Chapter 4

    Leading Higher Education Redesign

    Ross Gittell

    Chapter 5

    Access and Affordability in Selective, Private Non-Profit Colleges and Universities

    David Zimmerman and Catherine Bond Hill

    Chapter 6

    Serving the Public Good by Utilizing Scientific Patents to Incentivize Economic Growth

    John D. Wiley and Laura Dunek

    Chapter 7

    Fundraising and the Future of Colleges and Universities: Lessons from Paul Quinn College

    Marybeth Gasman and Michael Sorrell

    Chapter 8

    Racially Responsive Leadership: Addressing the Longstanding Problem of Racism in Higher Education

    Shaun R. Harper

    Chapter 9

    The Evolving Social Contract for Higher Education in the 21st Century: Serving the Public Good While Incentivizing Economic Growth

    Nancy Zimpher, Laura Dunek, and Jessica Neidl

    Chapter 10

    Improving the Experience of Women in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Professoriate

    Phyllis M. Wise and Elizabeth H. Simmons

    Chapter 11

    Queer-Spectrum and Trans-Spectrum People Out of the Shadows: The Institutional Imperative for Building Inclusive Campus Communities

    Susan (Sue) Rankin, Stephen Thurston Oliver, and Karen M. Whitney

    Chapter 12

    Leading Toward an Alignment between Athletics and the Academic Mission

    John Emerson, Mark Emmert, and Robert Kustra


    James Soto Antony, Ana Mari Cauce, and Donna E. Shalala

    About the Contributors


    James Soto Antony is Director of the Higher Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA.

    Ana Mari Cauce is President of the University of Washington, USA.

    Donna E. Shalala is President of the Clinton Foundation, USA.

    "Challenges in Higher Education Leadership provides expert perspectives and advice from cutting-edge researchers and top practitioners who have done the hard work of leading at institutions across the country. This book issues a clear call for educators to get beyond disciplinary and institutional silos in order to tackle the challenges buffeting higher education such as, rapid demographic and technological change; socioeconomic stratification; and disinvestment in research. Most important, the authors provide real examples of how to do just that."

    - Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, President, UMBC