1st Edition

Challenging Moral Particularism

Edited By Matjaž Potrc, Vojko Strahovnik, Mark Lance Copyright 2008
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Particularism is a justly popular ‘cutting-edge’ topic in contemporary ethics across the world. Many moral philosophers do not, in fact, support particularism (instead defending "generalist" theories that rest on particular abstract moral principles), but nearly all would take it to be a position that continues to offer serious lessons and challenges that cannot be safely ignored. Given the high standard of the contributions, and that this is a subject where lively debate continues to flourish, Challenging Moral Particularism will become required reading for professionals and advanced students working in the area.

    1. INTRODUCTION: Vojko Strahovnik: Challenging Moral Particularism
    2. Brad Hooker: Moral Particularism and the Real World
    3. Robert Audi: Ethical Generality and Moral Judgment
    4. Mark Lance and Margaret Little: From Particularism to Defeasibility in Ethics
    5. Pekka Väyrynen: Usable Moral Principles
    6. Sean McKeever and Michael Ridge: Particularism and the Contingent A Priori
    7. Jonathan Dancy: Are Basic Moral Facts both Contingent and A Priori?
    8. Terry Horgan and Matjaž Potrc: Contextual Semantics and Particularist Normativity
    9. Nenad Mišcevic: When the Plot Thickens: Dancy on Thick Concepts
    10. David McNaughton and Piers Rawling: Holism about Value
    11. Anthony W. Price: Particularism and Pleasure
    12. David Bakhurst: Laughter and Moral Ambiguity: Particularist Reflections on the Ethical Dimensions of Humour



    Matjaž Potrc is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Vojko Strahovnik is an Assistant Philosophy Researcher at the Department of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana. 

    Mark Lance is Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University, USA.

    "Overall, Challenging Moral Particularism is an excellent collection of essays on a complex and important topic in moral theory. The essays are informative, engaging, interesting, and topical. They present us with first-rate philosophy on a topic of wide ranging significance." - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews