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Desert Collapses Why No One Deserves Anything

Desert Collapses: Why No One Deserves Anything

1st Edition


By Stephen Kershnar
August 19, 2021

People consider desert part of our moral world. It structures how we think about important areas such as love, punishment, and work. This book argues that no one deserves anything. If this is correct, then claims that people deserve general and specific things are false. At the heart of desert is ...

Evil Matters A Philosophical Inquiry

Evil Matters: A Philosophical Inquiry

1st Edition


By Zachary J. Goldberg
August 06, 2021

This book is an inquiry into particular matters concerning the nature, normativity, and aftermath of evil action. It combines philosophical conceptual analysis with empirical studies in psychology and discussions of historical events to provide an innovative analysis of evil action. The book ...

From Value to Rightness Consequentialism, Action-Guidance, and the Perspective-Dependence of Moral Duties

From Value to Rightness: Consequentialism, Action-Guidance, and the Perspective-Dependence of Moral Duties

1st Edition


By Vuko Andrić
July 06, 2021

This book develops an original version of act-consequentialism. It argues that act-consequentialists should adopt a subjective criterion of rightness. The book develops new arguments which strongly suggest that, according to the best version of act-consequentialism, the rightness of actions depends...

Virtues, Democracy, and Online Media Ethical and Epistemic Issues

Virtues, Democracy, and Online Media: Ethical and Epistemic Issues

1st Edition


Edited By Nancy E. Snow, Maria Silvia Vaccarezza
July 05, 2021

This book addresses current threats to citizenship and democratic values posed by the spread of post-truth communication. The contributors apply research on moral, civic, and epistemic virtues to issues involving post-truth culture. The spread of post-truth communication affects ordinary citizens’...

Practical Wisdom Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives

Practical Wisdom: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives

1st Edition


Edited By Mario De Caro, Maria Silvia Vaccarezza
June 29, 2021

Featuring original essays from leading scholars in philosophy and psychology, this volume investigates and rethinks the role of practical wisdom in light of the most recent developments in virtue theory and moral, social and developmental psychology. The concept of phronesis has long held a ...

Getting Our Act Together A Theory of Collective Moral Obligations

Getting Our Act Together: A Theory of Collective Moral Obligations

1st Edition

By Anne Schwenkenbecher
December 31, 2020

Together we can often achieve things that are impossible to do on our own. We can prevent something bad from happening, or we can produce something good, even if none of us could do it by ourselves. But when are we morally required to do something of moral importance together with others? This book...

Love, Justice, and Autonomy Philosophical Perspectives

Love, Justice, and Autonomy: Philosophical Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Rachel Fedock, Michael Kühler, Raja Rosenhagen
December 29, 2020

Philosophers have long been interested in love and its general role in morality. This volume focuses on and explores the complex relation between love and justice as it appears within loving relationships, between lovers and their wider social context, and the broader political realm. Special ...

The Authority of Virtue Institutions and Character in the Good Society

The Authority of Virtue: Institutions and Character in the Good Society

1st Edition

By Tristan J. Rogers
November 09, 2020

This book provides a unified account of the connection between justice and the good life. It argues that the virtues of character require institutions, while good institutions enable persons to live together virtuously. Although virtue ethics and political philosophy are rich and sophisticated ...

Virtue, Narrative, and Self Explorations of Character in the Philosophy of Mind and Action

Virtue, Narrative, and Self: Explorations of Character in the Philosophy of Mind and Action

1st Edition

Edited By Joseph Ulatowski, Liezl van Zyl
November 09, 2020

Virtue, Narrative, and Self connects two philosophical areas of study that have long been treated as distinct: virtue theory and narrative accounts of personal identity. Chapters address several important issues and neglected themes at the intersection of these research areas. Specific examples ...

Offense and Offensiveness A Philosophical Account

Offense and Offensiveness: A Philosophical Account

1st Edition

By Andrew Sneddon
November 03, 2020

This book offers a comprehensive study of the nature and significance of offense and offensiveness. It incorporates insights from moral philosophy and moral psychology to rationally reconstruct our ordinary ideas and assumptions about these notions. When someone claims that something is offensive, ...

Reason and Ethics The Case Against Objective Value

Reason and Ethics: The Case Against Objective Value

1st Edition

By Joel Marks
October 02, 2020

Reason and Ethics defends the theoretical claim that all values are subjective and the practical claim that human affairs can be conducted fruitfully in full awareness of this. Joel Marks goes beyond his previous work defending moral skepticism to question the existence of all objective values. ...

Cultivating Our Passionate Attachments

Cultivating Our Passionate Attachments

1st Edition

By Matthew J. Dennis
September 15, 2020

Does a flourishing life involve pursuing passionate attachments? Can we choose what these passionate attachments will be? This book offers an original theory of how we can actively cultivate our passionate attachments. The author argues that not only do we have reason to view passionate attachments...

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