Changing Dynamics in Asia-Middle East Relations

Series Editor:

A number of political and economic initiatives in recent years underscore the surge in relations across Eurasia and the Indian Ocean region. The USA’s Indo-Pacific strategy, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, India’s Look East and Look West strategies, and several less formal but no less important state-to-state relationships all indicate that ties across Eurasia are growing. Economic relations between Persian Gulf states and various Asian energy markets have diversified to the point that trade, investment and finance are complemented with diplomatic and security cooperation. Soft power initiatives are building relations across non-elite levels, creating familiarity in language, culture, and religion. At the same time, increased interactions present potential for tensions as competition between Asian states plays out in the Middle East, and Middle Eastern rivalries affect the trajectory of Asian states’ regional involvement.

This series publishes monographs and edited collections on the political, economic, strategic, and diplomatic interactions between Middle East and Asian states. Contributions from a diverse range of perspectives and all regions are welcome on International Relations, International Political Economy, Foreign Policy and issue-specific topics such as security cooperation, politics of sport, politics of religion, energy politics, Belt and Road Initiative and Eurasian development.