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Changing Dynamics in Asia-Middle East Relations

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A number of political and economic initiatives in recent years underscore the surge in relations across Eurasia and the Indian Ocean region. The USA’s Indo-Pacific strategy, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, India’s Look East and Look West strategies, and several less formal but no less important state-to-state relationships all indicate that ties across Eurasia are growing. Economic relations between Persian Gulf states and various Asian energy markets have diversified to the point that trade, investment and finance are complemented with diplomatic and security cooperation. Soft power initiatives are building relations across non-elite levels, creating familiarity in language, culture, and religion. At the same time, increased interactions present potential for tensions as competition between Asian states plays out in the Middle East, and Middle Eastern rivalries affect the trajectory of Asian states’ regional involvement.

This series publishes monographs and edited collections on the political, economic, strategic, and diplomatic interactions between Middle East and Asian states. Contributions from a diverse range of perspectives and all regions are welcome on International Relations, International Political Economy, Foreign Policy and issue-specific topics such as security cooperation, politics of sport, politics of religion, energy politics, Belt and Road Initiative and Eurasian development.

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China, Russia, and the USA in the Middle East The Contest for Supremacy

China, Russia, and the USA in the Middle East: The Contest for Supremacy

1st Edition

Edited By Benjamin Houghton, Kasia A. Houghton
December 01, 2023

The shift in international relations towards multipolarity has had profound implications across the world, but particularly in highly penetrated regions such as the Middle East. This book explores the rivalry between the USA, Russia, and China in the region, investigating its effects and assessing ...

East-West Asia Relations in the 21st Century From Bilateral to Interregional Relationships

East-West Asia Relations in the 21st Century: From Bilateral to Interregional Relationships

1st Edition

Edited By Rotem Kowner, Yoram Evron, P.R. Kumaraswamy
October 01, 2023

This book examines the changing relations between the Asian part of the Middle East and the rest of the continent during the 21st century. Written by leading experts, this ground-breaking volume utilizes a comprehensive and multi-dimensional perspective to offer a novel and unique outlook on the ...

South Korea’s Middle Power Diplomacy in the Middle East Development, Political and Diplomatic Trajectories

South Korea’s Middle Power Diplomacy in the Middle East: Development, Political and Diplomatic Trajectories

1st Edition

By Hae Won Jeong
September 25, 2023

This book examines theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of middle powers with reference to South Korea’s bilateral relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iraq. It maps the development, political and diplomatic trajectories between South Korea and Iran, Saudi ...

Regional Security in South Asia and the Gulf

Regional Security in South Asia and the Gulf

1st Edition

Edited By Umer Karim, Saloni Kapur
February 24, 2023

As we move towards a world without superpowers, the dynamics within and between regions are of growing significance. Against this backdrop, this book explores the links between South Asia and the Gulf, which have existed for centuries but are undergoing important shifts in the transition to ...

Asian Perceptions of Gulf Security

Asian Perceptions of Gulf Security

1st Edition

Edited By Li-Chen Sim, Jonathan Fulton
November 28, 2022

Gulf stability is coming to play a larger role in the foreign policy calculus of many states, but the evolving role of Asian powers is largely under-represented in the International Relations literature. This volume addresses this gap with a set of empirically rich, theory driven case studies ...

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