1st Edition

Characterisation of Radiation Damage by Transmission Electron Microscopy

By M.L Jenkins, M.A Kirk Copyright 2000

    Characterization of Radiation Damage by Transmission Electron Microscopy details the electron microscopy methods used to investigate complex and fine-scale microstructures, such as those produced by fast-particle irradiation of metals or ion implantation of semiconductors. The book focuses on the methods used to characterize small point-defect clusters, such as dislocation loops, because the coverage in general microscopy textbooks is limited and omits many of the problems associated with the analysis of these defects. The book also describes in situ, high-resolution, and analytical techniques. Techniques are illustrated with examples, providing a solid overview of the contribution of TEM to radiation damage mechanisms. The book is most useful to researchers in, or entering into, the field of defect analysis in materials.

    The role of transmission electron microscopy in characterising radiation damage. An introduction to the available contrast mechanisms and experimental techniques. Analysis of small centres of strain: the determination of loop morphologies. Analysis of small centres of strain: determination of the vacancy or interstitial natural of small clusters. Analysis of small centres of strain: counting and sizing small clusters. Characterisation of voids and bubbles. Techniques for imaging displacement cascades. High-resolution imaging of radiation damage. In-situ irradiation experiments. Applications of analytical techniques. Radiation damage in amorphous glass. Appendix: The Thompson tetrahdron. References. Index.


    M.L Jenkins, M.A Kirk