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Chawton House Library: Women's Novels

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The History of the Countess of Dellwyn, by Sarah Fielding

The History of the Countess of Dellwyn, by Sarah Fielding

1st Edition


Edited By Gillian Skinner
April 05, 2022

Sarah Fielding was one of the most respected women authors of her generation and a key figure in the development of the novel. She was admired especially by Samuel Richardson, who famously commented that her ‘knowledge of the human heart’ was greater than that of her brother, the novelist Henry ...

Theodora, A Novel by Dorothea Du Bois

Theodora, A Novel: by Dorothea Du Bois

1st Edition

Edited By Lucy Cogan
November 23, 2021

Theodora, A Novel by Dorothea Du Bois, published in 1770, is an entertaining and frequently shocking tale of a young woman’s efforts to regain her position in high society after her aristocratic father’s abandonment of and denial of marriage to her mother. The two-volume work is a thinly-veiled ...

Fatal Errors; or Poor Mary-Anne. A Tale of the Last Century by Elizabeth Hays Lanfear

Fatal Errors; or Poor Mary-Anne. A Tale of the Last Century: by Elizabeth Hays Lanfear

1st Edition

Edited By Timothy Whelan, Felicity James
October 04, 2019

In December 2015 a novel by Elizabeth Hays (c. 1765-1825) that has eluded scholars of women novelists of the 1790s for more than a century was finally discovered in the British Library. Fatal Errors was written in the late 1790s by the sister of Mary Hays, but not published until 1819 under her ...

Chawton House Library: Women's Novels 1-10

Chawton House Library: Women's Novels 1-10

1st Edition

Edited By Various
November 01, 2018

Contains the first ten books from the series....

Marmaduke Herbert; or, the Fatal Error by Marguerite Blessington

Marmaduke Herbert; or, the Fatal Error: by Marguerite Blessington

1st Edition

Edited By Susanne Schmid
August 02, 2018

In the early and mid-nineteenth century, Marguerite Blessington, who had been born in Ireland but spent most of her life in London, became a famous salonnière; she was generally regarded as an important contemporary author, but as no literary executor took care of her oeuvre posthumously, she ...

Discipline by Mary Brunton

Discipline: by Mary Brunton

1st Edition

Edited By Olivia Murphy
March 23, 2018

Discipline, the second novel by the Scottish writer Mary Brunton (1778-1818), was published in 1814. While less well known than its predecessor Self-Control (1811), it is nonetheless equally deserving of a central place in the canon of Romantic-era fiction. A wide-ranging novel, it shares many ...

Adelaide and Theodore by Stephanie-Felicite De Genlis

Adelaide and Theodore: by Stephanie-Felicite De Genlis

1st Edition

By Gillian Dow
August 03, 2016

Some of the theories Genlis adopts in the education of the eponymous children have their roots in Rousseau's "Emile". However, Genlis herself suggested that Rousseau knew little of the practical education of children. This work is placed within the context of the late eighteenth-century debate on ...

Caroline of Lichtfield by Isabelle de Montolieu

Caroline of Lichtfield: by Isabelle de Montolieu

1st Edition

By Laura Kirkley
August 03, 2016

Thomas Holcroft’s 1786 translation of Isabelle de Montolieu’s novel is a textual encounter between a rather conventional Swiss woman and a British radical. Just as Montolieu did in her own translations, Holcroft reworked parts of the novel to make it more appealing to his intended audience....

Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale by Sydney Owenson

Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale: by Sydney Owenson

1st Edition

By Jenny McAuley
August 03, 2016

This is the first modern scholarly edition of Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale (1818). Owenson's seventh novel, it is the most sophisticated of her four 'national tales'. Owenson combined conventional romance plotlines with the political and social problems in Ireland, following the passing of the ...

Julia by Helen Maria Williams

Julia: by Helen Maria Williams

1st Edition

By Natasha Duquette
August 03, 2016

This critical edition of Julia is the first modern printing of a novel that blends the character development of a poet with critical reflections on social injustice....

Romance Readers and Romance Writers by Sarah Green

Romance Readers and Romance Writers: by Sarah Green

1st Edition

By Christopher Goulding
August 03, 2016

This edition of Romance Readers and Romance Writers (1810) is the first modern scholarly publication of what is arguably Green's most famous novel. As with many of her other works, Green adopts numerous sophisticated methods to parody her contemporaries....

Self-Control by Mary Brunton

Self-Control: by Mary Brunton

1st Edition

By Anthony Mandal
August 03, 2016

Self-Control (1811) was a literary sensation, going into four editions in its first year. The first novelist to set her story against a strong Scottish background, Brunton set the scene for other writers such as Walter Scott. Jane Austen was also a fan, she read it at least twice, worrying that the...

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