1st Edition

Clan-Albin: A National Tale by Christian Isobel Johnstone

Edited By Juliet Shields Copyright 2023

    Christian Isobel Johnstone’s Clan-Albin: A National Tale was published in 1815, less than a year after Walter Scott’s Waverley; or ‘tis Sixty Years Since enthralled readers and initiated a craze for Scottish novels. Both as a novelist and as editor of Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine from 1834 to 1846, Johnstone was a powerful figure in Romantic Edinburgh’s literary scene. But her works and her reputation have long been overshadowed by Scott’s. In Clan-Albin, Johnstone engages with themes on British imperial expansion, metropolitan England’s economic and political relationships with the Celtic peripheries, and the role of women in public life. This rare novel, alongside extensive editorial commentary, will be of much interest to students of British Literature.

    Volume II

    Clan-Albin: A National Tale volume III & VI

    Editorial Notes


    Juliet Shields is Professor of English at the University of Washington, where she teaches courses in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature, women’s writing, postcolonial studies, and diaspora studies. She is the author of Sentimental Literature and Anglo-Scottish Identity (Cambridge UP 2010) and Nation and Migration: the Making of British Atlantic Literature (Oxford UP 2016); and co-editor of two volumes of essays, Representing Place in British Literature and Culture, 1640-1830 (Ashgate 2013), and Migration and Modernity: the state of being stateless, 1750-1850 (Edinburgh UP 2019).