1st Edition

Chemi- and Bioluminescence

By Burr Copyright 1985

    This book focuses on instrumentation of chemi- and bioluminescence and discusses the nature of chemiluminescence as the exothermic oxidation of a substrate organic compound to give an energy-rich product that is luminescent. It describes the applications of chemiluminescence.

    1. Instrumentation: Seeing the Light and Measuring It 2. Chemiluminescence in Gas Phase Reactions 3. Infrared Chemical Lasers 4. Luminol Chemiluminescence 5. Peroxyoxalate Chemiluminescence 6. General Organic Chemiluminescence 7. General Aspects of Bioluminescence 8. Luciferin Bioluminescence 9. Firefly Luminescence 10. The Mechanism of Bacterial Bioluminescence 11. Analytical Applications of Gas Phase Chemiluminescence 12. Chemiluminescence Analyses in Solution 13. Low–Level Luminescence from Biological Objects 14. Applications of Bioluminescence and Low–Level Luminescence from Biological Objects


    John. G. Burr (Author)