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Clinical and Biochemical Analysis

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Monoclonal Antibodies in Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry

Monoclonal Antibodies in Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry

1st Edition

Edited By Mark Wick
March 30, 1988

This book describes the methodology of monoclonal antibody-mediated immunohistochemistry, as applied to practical tissue diagnosis. It focuses on human disease and discusses the spectrum of monoclonal antibodies in relation to its utility in solving differential diagnostic problems....

Chemi- and Bioluminescence

Chemi- and Bioluminescence

1st Edition

By Burr
August 05, 1985

This book focuses on instrumentation of chemi- and bioluminescence and discusses the nature of chemiluminescence as the exothermic oxidation of a substrate organic compound to give an energy-rich product that is luminescent. It describes the applications of chemiluminescence....

Practical Immunoassay The State of the Art

Practical Immunoassay: The State of the Art

1st Edition

By W. R. Butt
June 01, 1984

Continuous Flow Analysis Theory and Practice

Continuous Flow Analysis: Theory and Practice

1st Edition

By Furman
August 01, 1976

In the literature of continuous flow analysis, there are hundreds of descriptions of problems encountered with the various AutoAnalyzer modules. This volume presents the way these have been used in conjunction with chromatographic separations and manufacturing plant process monitoring systems....

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