Chemoattractant Ligands and Their Receptors  book cover
1st Edition

Chemoattractant Ligands and Their Receptors

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ISBN 9780849385483
Published August 14, 1996 by CRC Press
400 Pages

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Book Description

Chemoattractant Ligands and Their Receptors succinctly summarizes cutting-edge research in the important area of chemoattraction in immunology. It explains how chemoattractant molecules mobilize immune cells to ward off attack by invading pathogens, both at a molecular and at a cellular level. Written by acknowledged experts in the field, it contains detailed molecular and structural information on each of the major chemoattractants and their receptors. Its unique multidisciplinary approach encompasses biology, immunology, protein chemistry, and molecular biology. A time-saving reference for both researchers and students.

Table of Contents

The Role of Interleuken-8 in Inflammatory Diseases, V.C. Broaddus and C.A. Hébert
Structure-Function Relationships of IL-8 and Its Two Neutrophil Receptors: IL-8-RA and IL-8-RB, C.A. Hébert and H.B. Lowman
Three-Dimensional Structures of the Chemokine Family, W.J. Fairbrother and N.J. Skelton
Melanoma Growth Stimulatory Activity: Physiology, Biology, Structure/Function, and Role in Disease, A. Richmond and R.L. Shattuck
The Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines, R. Horuk and S.C. Peiper
Biology, Biochemistry, and Pathophysiology of the RANTES Chemokine, P.J. Nelson, J.M. Pattison, and A.M. Krensky
The Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein Family, A. Montovani, S. Sozzani, P. Proost, and J. Van Damme
The Macrophage Inflammatory Protein Family, S. Craig and R. Hoffman
C-C Chemokine Receptors, K. Neote and S.R. McColl
Chemotactic Factor Receptors and Signal Transduction, S.R. McColl and K. Neote
Arachidonic Acid-Derived Bioactive Lipids and Their Role in Human Disease States, H.D. Perez
The N-Formylpeptide Chemotactic Receptor, P.M. Murphy
Mechanism of Chemokine-Induced Leukocyte Adhesion and Emigration, E. Hub, J. Middleton, and A. Rot
Viral Chemokine Receptors, P.M. Murphy, S.K. Ahuja, and J.-L. Gao
Chemokine Receptors in the Brain: Hierarchical Expression by Subsets of Neurons, S.C. Peiper and R. Horuk

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