1st Edition

Child-Adolescent Behaviour A Psychological Perspective

By Veena Nandagiri Copyright 2024
    70 Pages
    by Routledge India

    This book briefly outlines psychological perspectives of values, attitudes, and behavior of parents in influencing a child’s personality. The volume discusses important factors and family surroundings that influence a growing child’s development and various techniques that parents, and teachers may use to inculcate children’s growth and wellbeing. It also discusses the causes, signs and types of learning disabilities and behaviour disorders such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, perceptual disorders, speech problems and behavior disorders like anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, attention deficit hyperactive disorders and the developmental disorder autism. The volume gives an elaborate understanding of the diverse changes, conflicts, emotional turmoil and identity crisis that adolescent children go through and how parents and teachers can help them to handle this transitional stage.


    This book will be of interest to psychologists, parents, students, and scholars interested in child development as well as professionals involved in working with children and adolescents such as teachers, doctors, nurses, and social workers.

    Introduction 1. Family Atmosphere and the Child’s Personality 2. Influence of Birth Order on Personality 3. Environmental Factors Influencing the Child’s Development 4. Disciplining the Child 5. Development of Children’s Ambitions and Aspirations 6. Developing the Child’s Creativity 7. Learning Disabilities in Children 8. Behaviour Disorders in Children 9. Adolescence – A Crucial Period


    Veena Nandagiri has MA degree in Counselling Psychology from Bombay University (Gold Medal – First Rank). She obtained her undergraduate degree from St. Xavier’s College, Bombay. She is a senior teaching faculty in Psychology at St. Ann’s College, Mulki, Mangalore. She has over twenty years of teaching experience and five years of counselling experience with college students in Mumbai and Mangalore. Ms. Veena Nandagiri has published articles in leading newspapers such as The Hindu and Deccan Herald, and in national and international journals. She has presented papers in International Conferences and given talks on All India Radio, Mangalore. She has authored a book on ‘Parenting – More than 150 tips’ published in 2004.