1st Edition

Children, Adolescents, and Media The future of research and action

Edited By Dafna Lemish, Amy Jordan, Vicky Rideout Copyright 2017
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    Bringing together the leading researchers on children, adolescents, and the media, this books offers their cutting-edge, ‘big picture’ ideas for the future of research and scholarship in the field. Individual chapters focus on topics such as the role of big data in media research, digital literacy, parenting in the era of mobile media, media diversity in the digital age, the impact of media on child development, children’s digital rights, the implications of ‘intelligent’ characters and parasocial relationships, and the effectiveness of transmedia for informal education. Several chapters also explore the theoretical and methodological challenges facing children’s media researchers. Offering new directions for research, the contributors consider the implications of the changing media landscape for parents, educators, advocates, and producers. Leading scholars from North America, Europe and Asia, grounded in different theoretical and methodological traditions, join forces to discuss the impact of growing up in a media- saturated world, and to stimulate thinking about the field of children and media in unexpected ways. This book was originally published as two special issues of the Journal of Children and Media.

    Introduction Dafna Lemish, Amy Jordan and Vicky Rideout

    1. Reframing media effects in terms of children’s rights in the digital age Sonia Livingstone

    2. What kind of adults will our children become? The impact of growing up in a media-saturated world Ellen Wartella, Leanne Beaudoin-Ryan, Courtney K. Blackwell, Drew P. Cingel, Lisa B. Hurwitz and Alexis R. Lauricella

    3. Through the tablet glass: transcendent parenting in an era of mobile media and cloud computing Sun Sun Lim

    4. The child-effect in the new media environment: challenges and opportunities for communication research Jan Van den Bulck, Kathleen Custers and Sara Nelissen

    5. Introducing positive media psychology to the field of children, adolescents, and media Rebecca N. H. de Leeuw and Moniek Buijzen

    6. Past tensions and future possibilities: ARCYP and children’s media studies Stuart R. Poyntz, Natalie Coulter and Geneviève Brisson

    7. What’s next for research on young children’s interactive media? Georgene L. Troseth, Colleen E. Russo and Gabrielle A. Strouse

    8. Evaluating the utility of methodological assumptions in mass media effects research on children W. James Potter

    9. Computational CAM: studying children and media in the age of big data Brooke Foucault Welles

    10. Measuring time spent with media: the Common Sense census of media use by US 8- to 18-year-olds Vicky Rideout

    11. Grasping children’s media practices — theoretical and methodological challenges Ardis Storm-Mathisen

    12. Children’s media practices: challenges and dilemmas for the qualitative researcher Pål Aarsand

    13. What ‘children’ experience and ‘adults’ may overlook: phenomenological approaches to media practice, education and research Ashley Woodfall and Marketa Zezulkova

    14. Researching children, intersectionality, and diversity in the digital age Meryl Alper, Vikki S. Katz and Lynn Schofield Clark

    15. Children, the media, and the epistemic imperative of embodied vulnerability Meenakshi Gigi Durham

    16. Production studies, transformations in children’s television and the global turn Jeanette Steemers

    17. Researching CAM: our Herculean task Elisabeth Staksrud

    18. School librarians as stakeholders in the children and media community: a dialogue Joyce Valenza and Renee Hobbs

    19. Education and the mediated subject: what today’s teachers need most from researchers of youth and media Roger Saul

    20. Moved into action. Media literacy as social process Senta Pfaff-Rüdiger and Claudia Riesmeyer

    21. "Someday you’ll have children just like you": what tomorrow’s parents can teach us about parental mediation research Ron Warren

    22. Children’s future parasocial relationships with media characters: the age of intelligent characters Kaitlin L. Brunick, Marisa M. Putnam, Lauren E. McGarry, Melissa N. Richards and Sandra L. Calvert

    23. Media effects as health research: how pediatricians have changed the study of media and child development David S. Bickham, Jill R. Kavanaugh and Michael Rich

    24. Faraway, so close: why the digital industry needs scholars and the other way around Verónica Donoso, Valerie Verdoodt, Maarten Van Mechelen and Lina Jasmontaite

    25. Five hundred years back and five years forward: games and play at a new crossroads Bill Shribman

    26. Building meaningful cross-sector partnerships for children and media initiatives: a conversation café with scholars and activists from around the world Srividya Ramasubramanian and Aya Yadlin-Segal


    27. Transmedia in the service of education Shalom M. Fisch

    28. Dramatic change, persistent challenges: a five-year view of children’s educational media as resources for equity Shelley Pasnik, Carlin Llorente, Naomi Hupert and Savitha Moorthy

    29. Designing media for cross-platform learning: developing models for production and instructional design Shalom M. Fisch, Sandy Damashek and Fashina Aladé

    30. The role of research and evaluation in Ready to Learn transmedia development Michael Cohen, Martha Hadley and Carmina Marcial

    31. Supporting children’s progress through the PBS KIDS learning analytics platform Jeremy D. Roberts, Gregory K. W. K. Chung and Charles B. Parks

    32. Leveraging transmedia content to reach and support underserved children Pamela Johnson, Devon Steven, Barbara E. Lovitts, David Lowenstein and Jennifer Rodriguez

    33. Transmedia meets the digital divide: adapting transmedia approaches to reach underserved Hispanic families Maryann Marrapodi


    Dafna Lemish is the founding editor of the Journal of Children and Media and a prolific writer in this field. Her latest books include Children and Media: A Global Perspective (2015) and The Routledge International Handbook on Children, Adolescents and media (2013).

    Amy Jordan is co-editor of the Journal of Children and Media and past president of the International Communication Association. Her latest book is Media and the Well-Being of Children and Adolescents (2015).

    Vicky Rideout is a children’s media researcher and the reviews and commentary editor at the Journal of Children and Media. From 1997-2010 she was Vice President of the Kaiser Family Foundation. She currently runs her own consultancy, VJR Consulting, conducting research for non-profits, academic institutions, and media companies.