1st Edition

Children and Sexual-Based Online Harms A Guide for Professionals

By Catherine Knibbs Copyright 2024
    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    This sensitive guide for carers and professionals working with children and young people explains the serious issues of sexual content and harm that children face online. Covering technologies used by children aged two through to adulthood, it offers clear, evidence-based information about sexual-based online harm, its effects and what adults can do to support children should they see, hear or bear witness to these events online.

    Catherine Knibbs, specialist advisor in the field, explains the issues involved when using online platforms and devices in family, social and educational settings. The guide offers an accessible explanation of how online harm impacts developmental, neurological and social development, as well as young people’s mental health and well-being. Examined in as non-traumatising a

    way as possible, the book covers key topics, including consent, pornography, online grooming, sexting, live streaming, revenge porn, ASD sexuality and gender, and vigilantism. Offering guidance and proactive and reactive strategies based on neuroscience and child development, it shows how e-safety is not one-size-fits-all and must consider the vulnerabilities of individual children and families.

    Children and Sexual-Based Online Harms will equip professionals and carers with the knowledge to support their work and to direct conversations about the online harms that children and young people face. It is essential reading for those training and working with children in psychological, educational and social work contexts, as well as parents, policy makers and those involved in the development of online technologies.

    Online Harms and Setting the Scene

    Chapter 1 : Communication

    Chapter 2 : Online Harms

    Chapter 3 : Setting the scene

    Chapter 4 : Parenting

    Chapter 5 : No sex please, we’re British!

    Online Sexual Issues

    Chapter 6 : Consent

    Chapter 7 : Pornography Viewing in Children and Young People

    Chapter 8 : Online Grooming and Exploitation

    Chapter 9 : Coerced and Sexually Explicit Content in Children and Young People

    Chapter 10 : Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Material

    Chapter 11 : Revenge-Based Sharing of Intimate Imagery and Abuse

    Chapter 12 : Autism, Vulnerabilities and Sexual Issues


    Catherine Knibbs is a clinical and academic researcher, consultant in the fields of cybertrauma and online harms, director of Privacy4 Ltd, and a UKCP-accredited child and adult trauma psychotherapist.

    "How can we mobilise our society to protect our children, our future, from a threat and a trauma that is so intimately disturbing that we can hardly name it, in extenso sexual abuse against children ? Cath Knibbs knows too well that there is a strong urgency to act now, and that this type of abuse and the resulting trauma is among the hardest to address properly. It needs courage, straightforwardness, competence to speak up and educate society, parents and professionals. Cath Knibbs has all of that, and this is why we must pay attention."

    Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, co-founder, Trust & Safety Forum


    "Cath Knibbs does not beat around the bush when tackling the complex issue of CSAEM. She is direct and provides great examples to easily understand how the issue is intertwined with other big issues in protecting children in our society. She brings the topic to practitioners that allows them to provide the best assistance to victims and survivors." 

    Caroline Humer, Global Protection Expert, HMC Group LLC