1st Edition

Children's Language Volume 6

Edited By K. Nelson, Anne van Kleeck Copyright 1987
    364 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This series, Children’s Language, reflects the conviction that extensive work on entirely new fronts along with a great deal of reinterpretation of old-front data will be necessary before any persuasive and truly orderly account of language development can be assembled. None of the chapters are simply reviews, and none of the volumes are handbooks or reviews or introductory texts. Rather the volumes try to capture the excitement and complexity of thinking and research at the growing, advancing edges of this broad field of children’s language. In line with these goals for the Children’s Language series the present volume includes coverage of a fairly wide range of topics and subtopics. The authors for each chapter will weave their own story and we leave to them the introduction of their main plots and the major and minor characters in their scientific stories. This is volume 6.

    Bootstrapping Operations in Child Language 2. Fathers, Siblings, and the Bridge Hypothesis 3. Situational Variability in Mother-Child Conversations 4. Why Routines Are Different: Toward a Multiple-Factors Model of the Relation between Input and Language Acquisition 5. Conversation and Language Learning in the Classroom 6. Temporal Characteristics of Maternal Verbal Styles 7. The Phonology of Parent-Child Speech 8. A Comparison of Initial Consonant Acquisition in English and Quiche 9. Early Semantic Developments and Their Relationship to Object Permanence, Means-Ends Understanding, and Categorization 10. Comprehending Concrete Metaphors: Developing an Understanding of Topic-Vehicle Interaction 11. Order of Acquisition in the Lexicon: Implications from Japanese Numeral Classifiers 12. Children’s Overgeneralizations of the English Dative Alternation 13. Some Observations from the Perspective of the Rare Event Cognitive Comparison Theory of Language Acquisition


    Keith E. Nelson- The Pennsylvania State University, Anne van Kleeck- The University of Texas at Austin