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Chinese Literature Series from a Global Perspective

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This literary series cover eminent Chinese modern writers, such as Congwen SHEN, Yan MO, Hua YU, Pingwa JIA, and Jin BA. These writers and their literary works have influenced both domestically and internationally. The series is to introduce these representative Chinese modern writers and their literary works for Western readers to facilitate their understanding and appreciation for contemporary and modern Chinese literature, especially for scholars, researchers and sinologists at higher education institutions and Chinese research centres.

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Routledge Companion to Ba Jin

Routledge Companion to Ba Jin

1st Edition

Edited By Chen Chang, Liu Tianyi, Chen Sihe
September 19, 2023

Exploring the creations of Ba Jin (1904–2005), one of the most significant writers in modern China, this edited volume offers in-depth discussions of the writer and his works from a global perspective to initiate and advance dialogues between the Chinese- and English- speaking scholarly communities...

Routledge Companion to Shen Congwen

Routledge Companion to Shen Congwen

1st Edition

Edited By Gang Zhou, Sihe Chen, Zhang Xinying, Jeffrey C Kinkley
July 02, 2019

This volume is about studies of Shen Congwen (1902–1988), one of the most important writers in modern China, but more importantly, it is about how Shen Congwen has been received in and beyond Mainland China. By presenting the best literary criticism on Shen Congwen in Mainland China over the past ...

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