1st Edition

Citizenship Through Secondary Religious Education

By Liam Gearon Copyright 2004

    Religion has achieved ever greater prominence in debates about citizenship at every level of cultural, economic, social and political life. Citizenship through Secondary Religious Education highlights some of the key issues surrounding citizenship for the R.E. teacher.

    Topics selected include those of historical and immediate relevance to teaching citizenship through religious education. There are chapters covering general critical planning issues and those concentrating on specific themes such as:

    • The open society and its enemies
    • planning for citizenship through religious education
    • genocide
    • asylum
    • freedom of religion and belief
    • sustainable development
    • the rights of indigenous peoples.

    Practical in its style, the guidance presented in this book will be invaluable to teachers and student teachers of religious education and specialists in citizenship. Those who have been allocated responsibility for teaching Citizenship or Religious Education, or are looking to teach them as second subjects, will also find this book a useful resource.

    Introduction- The City of God: Citizenship through Religious Education Part 1. Citizenship and Religious Education: Critical Contexts and Planning Issues 1. The Open Society and its Enemies: Citizenship and Religious Education 2. The Politics of Hell on Earth: Human Rights and Religious Education 3. Conflict in the Curriculum: Planning for Citizenship through Religious Education Part 2. Citizenship through Religious Education: Rights, Wrongs and Responsibilities 4. Genocide through Religious Education 5. Slavery through Religious Education 6. Asylum through Religious Education 7. Freedom of Expression through Religious Education 8. Freedom of Religion and Belief though Religious Education 9. Economic Rights, Environment Responsibilities: Sustainable Development through Religious Education 10. The Rights of Women through Religious Education 11. The Rights of Indigenous Peoples through Religious Education


    Liam Gearon is Reader in Education and Director of the Centre for Research in Human Rights at the University of Surrey Roehampton.

    'Liam Gearon has given us a book which encourages discussion about the relationship between religious education and citizenship...It is a welcome addition to an area about which relatively little has been written.' - Karen Steele, British Journal of Religious Education