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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Water Treatment Unit Processes Physical and Chemical

Water Treatment Unit Processes: Physical and Chemical

1st Edition

By David W. Hendricks
January 13, 2006

The unit process approach, common in the field of chemical engineering, was introduced about 1962 to the field of environmental engineering. An understanding of unit processes is the foundation for continued learning and for designing treatment systems. The time is ripe for a new textbook that ...

Introduction to Approximate Solution Techniques, Numerical Modeling, and Finite Element Methods

Introduction to Approximate Solution Techniques, Numerical Modeling, and Finite Element Methods

1st Edition

By Victor N. Kaliakin
April 19, 2018

Functions as a self-study guide for engineers and as a textbook for nonengineering students and engineering students, emphasizing generic forms of differential equations, applying approximate solution techniques to examples, and progressing to specific physical problems in modular, self-contained ...

Matrix Analysis of Structural Dynamics Applications and Earthquake Engineering

Matrix Analysis of Structural Dynamics: Applications and Earthquake Engineering

1st Edition

By Franklin Y. Cheng
October 19, 2000

Uses state-of-the-art computer technology to formulate displacement method with matrix algebra. Facilitates analysis of structural dynamics and applications to earthquake engineering and UBC and IBC seismic building codes....

Hydraulics of Spillways and Energy Dissipators

Hydraulics of Spillways and Energy Dissipators

1st Edition

By Rajnikant M. Khatsuria
October 27, 2004

An unsurpassed treatise on the state-of-the-science in the research and design of spillways and energy dissipators, Hydraulics of Spillways and Energy Dissipators compiles a vast amount of information and advancements from recent conferences and congresses devoted to the subject. It highlights ...

Environmental Pollution Control Microbiology A Fifty-Year Perspective

Environmental Pollution Control Microbiology: A Fifty-Year Perspective

1st Edition

By Ross E. McKinney
March 11, 2004

Compiling knowledge gained through more than 50 years of experience in environmental engineering technology, this book illustrates the application of fundamental concepts in microbiology to provide a sound basis for the design and operation of various biological systems used in solving ...

Geotechnical Engineering Principles and Practices of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

1st Edition

By V.N.S. Murthy
October 25, 2002

A must have reference for any engineer involved with foundations, piers, and retaining walls, this remarkably comprehensive volume illustrates soil characteristic concepts with examples that detail a wealth of practical considerations, It covers the latest developments in the design of drilled pier...

Hazardous Gases Underground Applications to Tunnel Engineering

Hazardous Gases Underground: Applications to Tunnel Engineering

1st Edition

By Barry Doyle
February 21, 2001

Applies detailed knowledge toward the design and construction of underground civil works projects. Develops critical skills for managing risk and designing reliable gas control measures within project time and cost constraints....

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