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Classical and Contemporary Social Theory

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Classical and Contemporary Social Theory publishes rigorous scholarly work that re-discovers the relevance of social theory for contemporary times, demonstrating the enduring importance of theory for modern social issues. The series covers social theory in a broad sense, inviting contributions on both 'classical' and modern theory, thus encompassing sociology, without being confined to a single discipline. As such, work from across the social sciences is welcome, provided that volumes address the social context of particular issues, subjects, or figures and offer new understandings of social reality and the contribution of a theorist or school to our understanding of it. The series considers significant new appraisals of established thinkers or schools, comparative works or contributions that discuss a particular social issue or phenomenon in relation to the work of specific theorists or theoretical approaches. Contributions are welcome that assess broad strands of thought within certain schools or across the work of a number of thinkers, but always with an eye toward contributing to contemporary understandings of social issues and contexts.

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Norbert Elias and Sigmund Freud The Psychoanalytic Foundations of the Civilizing Process

Norbert Elias and Sigmund Freud: The Psychoanalytic Foundations of the Civilizing Process

1st Edition


By André Oliveira Costa
December 05, 2023

This book explores the influence of Freudian psychoanalysis on Norbert Elias’ theory of the civilizing process – an influence acknowledged by Elias himself – conducting a dialogue with a view to analysing points of contact and distance between them. Examining the development of Elias’ work, it ...

Vilfredo Pareto’s Contributions to Modern Social Theory A Centennial Appraisal

Vilfredo Pareto’s Contributions to Modern Social Theory: A Centennial Appraisal

1st Edition


Edited By Christopher Adair-Toteff
October 02, 2023

This volume seeks to restore Vilfredo Pareto to his rightful place in the history of social and economic thought, bringing together studies by leading scholars to mark the centenary of his death in 1923. Assessing Pareto’s many contributions to the social sciences and his unique integration of the ...

Revisiting Modernity and the Holocaust Heritage, Dilemmas, Extensions

Revisiting Modernity and the Holocaust: Heritage, Dilemmas, Extensions

1st Edition

Edited By Jack Palmer, Dariusz Brzeziński
September 25, 2023

Zygmunt Bauman’s Modernity and the Holocaust is a decisive text of intellectual reflection after Auschwitz, in which Bauman rejected the idea that the Holocaust represented the polar opposite of modernity and saw it instead as its dark potentiality. Bringing together leading scholars from across ...

Simmel and Beyond The Contemporary Relevance of Simmel’s Thought

Simmel and Beyond: The Contemporary Relevance of Simmel’s Thought

1st Edition

Edited By Pedro Caetano, Maria Manuela Mendes
September 25, 2023

Bringing together the work of scholars from across Europe, this book shows how Simmel's categories can be used to explore contemporary issues and further shed light on trends characteristic of global modernity. Thematically organised around the major societal challenges currently faced by developed...

Temporal Politics and Banal Culture Before the Future

Temporal Politics and Banal Culture: Before the Future

1st Edition

By Peter Conlin
September 25, 2023

This book addresses the absence of a strong alignment with the future in contemporary social life and explores anomalous temporal experience as a way to expand political imaginations. In the aftermath of the modern myth of progress, it argues we have entered into a kind of dystopia—brutal or ...

Exploring Emotions in Social Life

Exploring Emotions in Social Life

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Hviid Jacobsen
August 18, 2023

This volume presents a broad range of studies on a variety of emotions from social scientific perspectives. Bringing together scholars from disciplines including sociology, psychology, anthropology and philosophy, it examines emotions including desire, empathy, freedom, happiness, hate, disgust, ...

Post-Philosophical Sociology Eliasian Perspectives on the Sociology of Knowledge

Post-Philosophical Sociology: Eliasian Perspectives on the Sociology of Knowledge

1st Edition

By Richard Kilminster
July 31, 2023

In a hyper-individualistic age and in the face of the narrowly focused, policy-oriented research ubiquitous in the social sciences, this book revisits the humanistic world-view that is integral to Norbert Elias’s pre-eminent figurational-process sociology, with the aim of increasing the fund of ...

The Concept of Tragedy Its Importance for the Social Sciences in Unsettled Times

The Concept of Tragedy: Its Importance for the Social Sciences in Unsettled Times

1st Edition

By Sam Han
April 03, 2023

Events in the world today appear to be increasingly uncontrollable and unknowable. Climate change, refugee crises, and global pandemics seem to demonstrate the limits of human reason, science, and technology. In light of this, the terms "tragedy" and "tragic" have come into greater use. What does ...

True Believers and the Great Replacement Understanding Anomie and Alienation

True Believers and the Great Replacement: Understanding Anomie and Alienation

1st Edition

By Alf H. Walle
March 28, 2023

True Believers and the Great Replacement explores the responses of segments of Western cultures who fear that changes in the racial, religious, and ethnic makeup of society threaten their way of life. The Great Replacement Theory (that suggests that the traditional character of Western society is ...

A Sociology of Seeking Portents of Belief

A Sociology of Seeking: Portents of Belief

1st Edition

By Kieran Flanagan
December 30, 2022

A response to the depletion of the rhetoric of sociology and the spiritual capital of theology, this volume explores the remains of Christianity that still lurk as portents in a progressively de-Christianised society seeking replacements for belief. With the sociologist set in the role of an oracle...

Global Economic Crisis as Social Hieroglyphic Genesis, Constitution and Regressive Progress

Global Economic Crisis as Social Hieroglyphic: Genesis, Constitution and Regressive Progress

1st Edition

By Christos Memos
January 09, 2023

This book examines the 2008 global economic crisis as a complex social phenomenon or "social hieroglyphic", arguing that the crisis is not fundamentally economic, despite presenting itself as such. Instead, it is considered to be a symptom of a long-standing, multifaceted, and endemic crisis of ...

The University Revolution Outline of a Processual Theory of Modern Higher Education

The University Revolution: Outline of a Processual Theory of Modern Higher Education

1st Edition

By Eric Lybeck
January 09, 2023

The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license. Few institutions in modern society are as significant as universities, yet our historical ...

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