1st Edition

Vilfredo Pareto’s Contributions to Modern Social Theory A Centennial Appraisal

Edited By Christopher Adair-Toteff Copyright 2024
    208 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This volume seeks to restore Vilfredo Pareto to his rightful place in the history of social and economic thought, bringing together studies by leading scholars to mark the centenary of his death in 1923. Assessing Pareto’s many contributions to the social sciences and his unique integration of the disciplines of sociology, politics, and economics, it addresses the relative neglect of Pareto’s work and explores both his continuing relevance to social research and the influence of his thought on subsequent developments in sociology and social theory. As such it will appeal to scholars across the social sciences with interests in the history of sociology and the importance of Pareto’s thought.

    1.      Pareto Introduction: Vilfredo Today. Christopher Adair-Toteff


    2.      Reasons as Causes—Vilfredo Pareto on Rationality and Irrationality in Action. Gert Albert


    3.      Cultural Intelligence in Liberal Elite Institutions: What we can Learn from Pareto. Alasdair Marshall


    4.      Pareto’s Political Economy: Before Ophelimity. Thierry Demals and Alexandra Hyard


    5.      Convergence of Opposites? Reflections on Vilfredo Pareto and Werner Sombart. Roberta Iannone


    6.      Elites and Democracy: Vilfredo Pareto for Social and Political Sciences. 100 Years Later. Giovanni de Ghantuz Cubbe


    7.      Liberalism, Democracy, and the Theory of the Elite in Pareto’s System. Giandomenica Becchio


    8.      Authoritarianism, Liberalism, and the Benefit of Truth. Joachim Stark


    9.      “A New Edifice of Theory on the Ruins of Fallen Positivism” Vilfredo Pareto on Talcott Parsons' Course towards a General Theory of Action. Helmut Staubmann and Victor Lidz


    10.  Carl Friedrich and the Cancellation of Pareto. Stephen Turner


    11.  Pareto on Violence. Christopher Adair-Toteff


    12.  Pareto: Tragic Scientific Ironist or Anti-Democratic Scrouge. Clayton Fordahl






    Christopher Adair-Toteff is Fellow at the Center for Social and Political Thought, University of South Florida, USA. A philosopher, sociologist, and social theorist, he has published widely in the field of classical sociology. He is the author of Raymond Aron’s Philosophy of Political Responsibility, Max Weber’s Sociology of Religion, Fundamental Concepts in Max Weber’s Sociology of Religion, Reintroducing Toennies and Money, Value, and Capital: The Early Austrian School of Economics. He is the editor of The Anthem Companion to Ernst Troeltsch and The Anthem Companion to Ferdinand Tönnies and the co-editor of The Calling of Social Thought: Rediscovering the Work of Edward Shils and The Anthem Companion to Raymond Aron.