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Classics In and Out of the Academy: Classical Pedagogy in the Twenty-First Century

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This series of short volumes explores the ways in which the study of antiquity can enrich the lives of diverse populations in the twenty-first century. The series covers two distinct, but interrelated topics: 1) ways in which classicists can engage new audiences within the profession by embedding inclusivity and diversity in school and university teaching practices, curricula, and assessments, and 2) the relevance of Classics to learners from the most marginalized social strata (e.g. the incarcerated, refugees, those suffering from mental illness).

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Classics and Prison Education in the US

Classics and Prison Education in the US

1st Edition

Edited By Emilio Capettini, Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz
May 26, 2021

This volume focuses on teaching Classics in carceral contexts in the US and offers an overview of the range of incarcerated adults, their circumstances, and the ways in which they are approaching and reinterpreting Greek and Roman texts. Classics and Prison Education in the US examines how ...

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