1st Edition

Classrooms and Staffrooms The Sociology of Teachers and Teaching

Edited By Andy Hargreaves, Peter Woods Copyright 1984
    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1984, the articles presented here explore such matters as how teachers maintain order, how they treat their pupils and how they cope with pressure; they examine the ways in which teachers relate to their colleagues, what goes on in staffrooms, how they engage in educational debate, and what their ambitions are. The contributors get to grips with what it is really like to be a teacher, to make sense of the everyday rewards and penalties, opportunities and problems.

    This is the hallmark of the ethnographic method of educational inquiry. It brings to life (by close observation and/or in-depth interview) the internal workings of an institution or culture, revealing the perspectives of its members, their roles and adaptations and making explicit the routine or taken-for-granted features of institutional life.

    All the papers in the volume are to one degree or another located within this methodological tradition – they all begin with what life is actually like for teachers in schools. Though they draw on a range of theoretical perspectives, from interactionism and ethnomethodology, to Marxism and the ‘New Sociology of Education’; and more besides.

    In this volume the editors bring together examples of some of the most important and influential pieces of work which illustrate the range of material, and which have hitherto been spread widely among different research reports, academic journals, and collections of conference papers. Classrooms and Staffrooms provides a fund of quality source materials for initial and in-service teachers.

    Acknowledgements.  Introduction.  Part 1: Teachers and Classroom Management  1. The Organization of Pupil Participation M. Hammersley  2. Rules in Play D.H. Hargreaves, S.K. Hester and F.J. Mellor  3. Mock-ups and Cock-ups: The Stage-Management of Guided Discovery Instruction P. Atkinson and S. Delamont  4. Teaching for Survival P. Woods  5. The Significance of Classroom Coping Strategies A. Hargreaves  6. Teaching and Learning in English Primary Schools A.C. Berlak, H. Berlak, N.T. Bagenstos and E.R. Mikel  Part 2: Teachers as Differentiators  7. Social-class Variations in the Teacher-Pupil Relationship H.S. Becker  8. Classroom Knowledge N. Keddie  9. Social Stratification in the Classroom R. Sharp and A. Green  10. One Spell of Ten Minutes or Five Spells of Two…? Teacher-pupil Encounters in Art and Design Education L. Tickle  11. Girls on the Margins: A Study of Gender Divisions in the Classroom M. Stanworth  Part 3: Teacher Cultures and Careers  12. What Teaching Does to Teachers: Determinants of the Occupational Type W. Waller  13. Teacher Career and Work Rewards D. Lortie  14. The Meaning of Staffroom Humour P. Woods  15. Staffroom News M. Hammersley  16. Contrastive Rhetoric and Extremist Talk A. Hargreaves  17. Subject Disciplines as the Opportunity for Group Action: A Measured Critique of Subject Sub-Cultures S. Ball and C. Lacey  18. Teacher Careers and Comprehensive Schooling: An Empirical Study G.F. Riseborough.  Index.


    Andy Hargreaves, Peter Woods