1st Edition

Coach Education and Development in Sport Instructional Strategies

Edited By Bettina Callary, Brian Gearity Copyright 2020
    296 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    296 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Global interest in quality sport coaching is at an all-time high, but until now, there hasn’t been a go-to resource to help national governing bodies, sport organizations, or coach educators within universities to structure coach education, learning, and development. Coach Education and Development in Sport fills that gap, offering a comprehensive guide of instructional strategies used by world leaders in coach education.

    Each chapter is written by experienced scholar-practitioners, seamlessly integrating personal experience and insight with current research to show how and why to use an instructional strategy in a specific context that can be adopted or adapted to fit many sport contexts. Covering essential topics such as reflective practice, social learning, online technology, diverse populations, and more, the book provides the fundamentals of tried and trusted instructional strategies to develop coaches from youth, club and collegiate sport to elite, professional, and Olympic levels. It is a complete resource for fostering coaching excellence in small- and large-scale programming, and from volunteer to part-time or full-time coaches.

    Designed to stimulate ideas and provide flexible, practical tools, this book is an essential read for anybody working in sport, including coach developers, sport managers, coaches, mentors, athletic directors, sport psychology consultants, and teachers or professors.


    Bettina Callary and Brian Gearity

    1 Making direct teaching more learner-centered in university-based coach education courses

    Michel Milistetd, William das Neves Salles, Pierre Trudel and Kyle Paquette

    2 Experiential learning for undergraduate student-coaches

    Andréa Woodburn

    3 Team-based learning as an instructional strategy for undergraduate coach education

    Melissa Thompson and Erica Pasquini

    4 Critically understanding and engaging with the (micro)political dimensions of coaches’ work in an advanced undergraduate coaching course

    Paul Potrac, Adam J Nichol and Edward T Hall

    5 Using project-based learning for the graduate student coach learning strength and conditioning

    Brian Gearity and Bettina Callary

    6 Reflective practice to enhance coach development and practice

    Clayton R Kuklick and Michael Kasales

    7 Warming up to race: A case study approach to develop engaged athletes

    Jim Denison and Nathan Kindrachuk

    8 Teaching within a social constructionist and critical framework: Developing student-coaches in a graduate university program

    Chris Cushion

    9 Social learning in communities and networks as a strategy for on-going coach development

    Diane Culver, Erin Kraft and Tiago Duarte

    10 Travel-based learning: Study tours for high performance coaches

    Diane Culver, Darren Holder and Steven B Rynne

    11 A "personal learning coach" for high performance coaches: A companion to reflect and learn from one’s own coaching practice

    François Rodrigue and Pierre Trudel

    12 A competency-based approach to coach learning: The sport New Zealand coach developer program

    Simon Walters, Andy Rogers and Anthony R H Oldham

    13 Self-paced online learning to develop novice, entry-level, and volunteer coaches

    Andrew P Driska and Jennifer Nalepa

    14 Authentic e-learning: Using an educational design research approach to develop a hybrid coach education program

    Bob Crudgington

    15 Differentiated instruction through engaged lecturing for coach development

    Kathryn L Russell

    16 Sport coach development: Education and mentorship for women

    Nicole M LaVoi

    17 What’s good for the goose is good for the gander: Using adult learning principles to synergize coach education and coaching practices in masters sport

    Bettina Callary and Bradley W Young

    18 Better coaching, better athletes: Developing quality coaches of athletes with impairments

    Scott Douglas

    19 Stronger together: Coach education and coaching practices for athletes with intellectual disabilities

    Scott Weaver and Annette K Lynch

    20 Understanding and acting upon White privilege in coaching and coach education

    Brian Gearity, Lynett Henderson Metzger, Derrick S Wong and Ted Butryn

    21 Becoming an agent of change: Key strategies for the development of coaches in Indigenous sport for development contexts

    Steven B Rynne, Toni Rossi, Audrey R Giles and Carl Currey


    Bettina Callary is Canada Research Chair in Sport Coaching and Adult Learning, and Associate Professor in Sport and Physical Activity Leadership, at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is Editor-in-Chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal, and a trained coach developer through the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE), as well as the National Coaching Certification Program and Alpine Canada.

    Brian Gearity is Founding Director and Assistant Professor in the Master of Arts in Sport Coaching program at the University of Denver, USA. He has coached multiple youth sports and been a strength, conditioning, and speed coach for athletes from 6 to 60+. His scholarly interests include coach learning and development and the sociology of sport coaching. A Fellow of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, he is also Editor-in-Chief of their practitioner journal NSCA Coach and Associate Editor-in-Chief of Strength and Conditioning Journal. He serves on the editorial boards of several journals, including the International Sport Coaching Journal, Sport Coaching Review, and Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health.