1st Edition

Coaching Education Leaders A Culturally Responsive Approach to Transforming Schools and Systems

    172 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    172 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    This exciting book is designed to help coaches, or individuals in a coaching and/or capacity building role, support educators in becoming culturally responsive leaders. Coaching Education Leaders describes a unique Facilitative Competency-Based Coaching approach formulated by the nationally recognized nonprofit organization, The Leadership Academy. Using six Equity Leadership Dispositions as its foundation, this model helps educators identify and directly address inequities in their schools to ensure the academic, social, and emotional success of all students. The strategies in this book help coaches plan the full arc of the coaching experience, from identifying goals and assessing progress, to designing each session to meet the individual learning needs of their coachees. To bring these coaching ideas to life, this book shares real stories from the field illustrating the coach-leader relationship and takeaway tools for readers to immediately apply in their own work. The authors share practical coaching techniques to create a safe learning space and engage coachees in the deeper levels of dialogue required to identify and address systems-level adaptive challenges. This self-paced guide to coaching educators is a key resource for anyone interested in developing others’ leadership skills for the sake of creating meaningful and sustainable change in their schools and school systems–and the leaders that lead them.

    Foreword by Francis Yasharian Ed.L.D.  Introduction  1. Unpacking Facilitative Competency-Based Coaching  2. Centering Equity in Leadership Coaching  3. Initiating the Coaching Relationship  4. Creating The Conditions to Go Deep  5. Bringing Your Coachee to the Learning Edge  6. Maximizing Impact in Practical Ways  Conclusion  


    Nancy B. Gutiérrez is President and Lead Executive Officer of The Leadership Academy, USA.


    Michelle Jarney is Executive Director of Learning and Strategy at The Leadership Academy, USA.


    Michael Kim is Senior Director of Leadership Development and Content Lead for Coaching at The Leadership Academy, USA.


    “Coaching Education Leaders is an invaluable resource to guide coaches who strive to develop equitable and culturally responsive school and system leaders. It provides proven guideposts for growing leaders who can create safe and inclusive schools and enable the high-quality teaching that is essential for our nation’s students to learn deeply and thrive in today’s world.”  

     Linda Darling-Hammond, President, the Learning Policy Institute and Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, USA. 


    “The Leadership Academy’s Coaching Education Leaders is an important book for our time and profession. Every school leadership coach can learn powerful and explicit ways to build the capacity of school and systems leaders to create more equitable schools.” 

    Gary Bloom, Former Superintendent, Santa Cruz City Schools & Co-Founder, New Teacher Center, USA.


    “I became hooked on the profound impact of facilitative coaching when The Leadership Academy trained me as a coach in Delaware many years ago. I’ve been using this approach ever since. Coaching Education Leaders is an indispensable resource that should be in every coach’s toolkit.” 

    Jackie Owens Wilson, Executive Director National Policy Board for Educational Administration, USA.


    “Every leader dedicated to truly advancing educational and economic advancement for communities of color needs a coach who adopts a facilitative approach. Gutiérrez, Jarney and Kim's book offers indispensable tools and techniques to help coaches guide leaders to reach their learning edge and make a profound difference in the lives of all students, and especially students of color.” 

     Sharhonda Bossier, CEO, Education Leaders of Color, USA. 


    “My Leadership Academy coach has guided my professional and personal growth for the past 16 years, from school principal to district superintendent. The Facilitative Competency-Based Coaching approach helped me peel back the layers in my and others’ mental models about student achievement and allows me to share my full self as an Asian American immigrant system leader striving to close the Knowing-Doing Gap. This is a must-have reference book for every coach!” 

     Hoa Tu, Superintendent, Queens North High Schools, NYC Public Schools, USA. 


    “Breakthroughs occur when leaders effectively turn obstacles into opportunities. The secret to that lies in having a coach who provides critical questions, thought partnership, and responsive feedback. In this book, The Leadership Academy shares its decades of invaluable insights and tools to unleash the power of coaching for both leader and organizational success.” 

     Ruby Ababio-Fernandez Ed.D., Executive Vice President, Courageous, USA.


    “We need more educators that are not afraid to take bold steps to emancipate those who were not part of the initial schema of education. Coaching Education Leaders is a must-read primer for all coaches that are passionate about building courageous leaders that disrupt today’s context.” 

     Edward Fergus Arcia Ph.D., Professor of Urban Education and Policy, Rutgers University-Newark, USA. 


    “The Leadership Academy’s facilitative approach is exactly the type of coaching that research tells us is the most impactful professional learning for principals. This book provides practical tools to develop high-quality coaches that build the capacity of school and system leaders to advance achievement for all students.” 

    Rotunda Floyd-Cooper Ed. D., Vice President, Education Leadership, The Wallace Foundation, USA.

    “All school leaders will benefit from learning how to be facilitative coaches. The Leadership Academy has successfully been developing principals for years. Their equity based coaching approach is no longer a choice; it is a must. This book makes it available to us all!”

    Janet Patti, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus, Hunter College, USA.


    "I am the leader I am today thanks to the invaluable support of my Leadership Academy experience and leadership coach. With Coaching Education Leaders every coach and every leader in the system can benefit from the transformative facilitative competency-based approach to coaching that used to be available only to a privileged few."

    Danika Rux, Deputy Chancellor, Division of School Leadership, NYCPS, USA.


    "Building the capacity of others is core to effective leadership. As a leader in an urban district and now a state leader, I found this approach to coaching invaluable in helping confront our biases and gives us the courage to break the historical patterns of inequity that have resulted in far too few black, brown and low-income children succeeding at high levels. Our leaders grew their ability to talk about the real barriers and support their teams to drive achievement for all kids." 

    Susana Córdova, Colorado Commissioner of Education, USA.


    "Anyone who wants to be a better coach to school leaders will find this book a gift that keeps on giving! Great coaching begins with empathy--and really effective empathy requires both feeling and accurate understanding.  What makes Coaching Education Leaders such a valuable resource is its interest in helping the coach to open both Heart and Mind."  

    Robert Kegan, Meehan Professor Emeritus, Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA.

    “Every school leader needs an effective coach to support them in creating the positive and safe environment that is vital to ensure that all young people are able to achieve their full potential. Gutierrez, Jarney and Kim’s book offers an invaluable approach to coach school leaders to lead schools that help close opportunity gaps and equip all students for success.” 

    John B. King, Jr., Chancellor, The State University of New York, and former US Secretary of Education, USA.