1st Edition

Coaching Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom A Practical Guide for 7-14

By Steve Bowkett, Simon Percival Copyright 2011
    136 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    136 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Coaching Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom is a practical resource to help Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 teachers explore and understand a range of concepts, principles and techniques gathered under the term ‘emotional intelligence’, and the way that this powerfully influences pupils’ behaviour and learning in the classroom. Creative activities are suggested throughout, leading towards a more explicit focus on coaching methods to help pupils become independent, creative and effective learners able to set goals, generate ideas, solve problems and arrive at reasoned decisions.

    This book focuses on five key areas:

    • self-awareness
    • innovative and inventive thinking
    • independent enquiry
    • collaborative learning
    • communication skills.

    Dealing in an engaging way with social and emotional aspects of learning, personalised learning, thinking skills and social inclusion, the authors offer teachers all of the necessary tools to help pupils build life- and people-skills which will extend beyond school. It will be of interest to all practising teachers, teaching assistants and school counsellors working with young people.

    Introduction  1. EI Basic Skills  2. Coaching, Creativity and EI: the Connection  3. Encouraging Creativity  4. Conscious and Subconscious  5. Key Principles  6. Developing Resourcefulness  7. Raising Self-Awareness  8. Take Responsibility  9. Building Confidence and Belief In Yourself  10. Improving Decision Making  11. Nurturing a Positive Outlook  12. How We Shape Ourselves  13. Values – the ruler inside us  14. Belief – what we think we know  15. Overcoming Obstacles  16. The Winged Football and Other Metaphors  17. Managing Emotions  18. EI and the Three-Legged Stool  19. Effective Questioning  20. Really Listening  21. Building Rapport  22. A Coaching Model  23. Appreciate Now  24. What Do You Want?  25. How Will You Get There?  26. How Did It Go?


    Steve Bowkett is a full-time writer, storyteller, educational consultant and hypnotherapist. He is the author of more than fifty books, including the Countdown series of books for Routledge.

    Simon Percival is a former teacher who as a qualified and experienced coach now runs his own practice helping individuals, including students, reach their personal and professional goals.

    The authors offer PeopleWise workshop sessions for pupils, and INSET that extend the techniques in the book to demonstrate what creative coaching in the classroom looks like, sounds like, feels like.