1st Edition

Coaching Values and Life Skills through Physical Education and Sports A Practical Toolkit

    344 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    344 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This impactful resource guide is for international educators and practitioners involved in Physical Education and Sport (PES) who want to learn evidence-based approaches to the teaching of values and character education. 

    Through a systematic approach to teaching and evaluating values and character education, this book bridges the gap between theory and practice. It offers empirical evidence and strategies to show how values and character can be internalized, through carefully designed experiences, active participation, and regular reinforcement, without compromising the time needed to learn sports skills - a common concern raised by PE teachers and sports coaches. Results from case studies have also revealed that values can be transferred beyond the context of physical education lessons and sports through a collaborative approach and effective communication between teachers, coaches, and parents. Key strategies based on empirical evidence are highlighted in this book. It also highlights an Asian perspective on values and life skills training through Physical Education and provides readers with step-by-step implementation guidelines to simplify some complex strategies in developing values and life skills through PES seamlessly.

    The book provides useful information to anyone engaged in developing young people in, and through, sport. In particular it will be of great value to pre-service and in-service teachers and coaches for implementing effective strategies to balance teaching sports skills, values, and life skills effectively in PES.

    Part 1: What is Value  1. Values and Life Skills – Definition and Importance in Physical Education and Sports Koon Teck Koh  2. Schools – An Ideal Platform to Teach Values and Life Skills Fernando Santos and Marta Ferreira  3. Physical Education and School Sport, the Natural Setting for Values and Life Skills Scott Pierce, Emily Jones and Andrew Eberline  Part 2: Science of Learning  4. Understanding Youth Sport through Experiential Learning Levone Lee, Anne Stauffer, Sandy Nino, Ellison Blumenthal, and Tarkington J Newman Ph.D  5. The Development of Life Skills through Sport from the Bioecological Theory Lens Vitor Ciampolini, Juarez Vieira do Nascimento, and Michel Milistetd  6. Practical Approaches to Teaching Values and Life Skills Samantha Bates, Dawn Anderson-Butcher, and Kylee Ault-Baker  Part 3: Myth of Character Education  7. Values and Life Skills are Learnt When Participating in PES (Physical Education and Sports) Context Zhihua Yin and Yue Xu  8. Values and Life Skills are Learnt When Participating in Activities Zarizi Ab Rahman  9. Diverse values and life skills learnt from sports context Eiichiro Fukami 10. Caught or Taught? Situating Approaches for Coaching Life Skills through Sport Martin Camiré   Part 4: The Art of Teaching Values  11. The Intentional Approach to Teaching Values and Life Skills Yvonne Seng  12. Preparing Coaches to Teach Life Skills: The Need for a Behaviour Change Perspective in Coach Education Programs Carlos Ewerton Palheta and Michel Milistetd  13. Integration Swee Meng Wong, Alice Koh, and Thomas Yong  14. Practical Strategies for Using a Trauma-Informed Approach to Support Life Skills Transferability through Physical Education and Sports Kalyn McDonough and Jenn M Jacobs  Part 5: Theory to Practice  15. Whole-School Approach Ferdinand Xie Fai Mar and Koon Teck Koh  16. Teaching Values and Life Skills to the Different Age Groups Koon Teck Koh and Muhammad Shufi Bin Salleh  Part 6: How We Know It Has Worked  17. Strategies to Evaluate the Intentional Teaching of Values and Life Skills in Sports Koon Teck Koh and Shun Xin Koong  18. Strategies to Evaluate the Intentional Teaching of Values and Life Skills in Sports – Sport Singapore’s Perspective Eliza Tan, David Chin, Noor Hisham, Caleb Khoo, Federico Carreres  19. Sport-Based Life Skills Interventions: Psychological Needs & Psychological Well-Being Ken Hodge


    Koon Teck Koh is an Associate Professor at the Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) Academic Group, National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. His research areas are in sports coaching and pedagogy. He has published more than one hundred publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, books, book chapters, and professional articles. He is also a registered FIBA coach and coach developer recognized by FIBA and Sport Singapore. Dr. Koh held numerous prominent appointments at the international and local levels. These include President of the ASEAN Council of Physical Education and Sport, Executive Board member of the World Association for Basketball Coaches, FIBA Technical Commission, Chairman of the FIBA Asia Coaches Committee, Head, PESS/NIE/NTU, President of the Basketball Association of Singapore, President of the Singapore Physical Education Association, and Executive Council member of the Singapore National Olympics Council (SNOC).  



    Tarkington J Newman is an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky College of Social Work and the Director of the Sport Social Work (SSW) Research Lab. Additionally, they serve as the Research Committee Chair for the Alliance of Social Workers in Sports (aswis.org). Through the SSW Research Lab, Dr. Newman is committed to serving youth populations (ages 10-24) who are socially vulnerable and/or at-risk for behavioral and mental health problems. Dr. Newman’s research focuses on promoting critical positive youth development (CPYD) through sport and other forms of physical activity, specifically related to the development and transfer of normative life skills (e.g., emotional regulation, communication, teamwork, leadership) and social justice life skills (e.g., antiracism, LGBTQ+ allyship, healthy masculinity, mental health literacy). 



    Muhammad Shufi bin Salleh is a Teaching Fellow in the Physical Education & Sports Science Department at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    “The authors’ work refers to the educational value of physical education and sports (PES) and researches and analyzes in depth the values and skills that are developed through experiential sports and social activities which determine behaviours and life attitudes. Olympic Games and Olympic Education highlight the cultural and educational value of PES. This comprehensive book is an excellent tool for practitioners to understand the goals, methods, means and theories of PES. It also highlights the ways we can move from theory to practice and evaluate the relevant values-oriented educational programmes.”
    -Ng Ser Maing, Vice President, International Olympic Committee

    “A/P Koh Koon Teck’s book is a compelling read for coaches, physical education teachers, and any organization leader with sports programmes for youth. It is exceptional in that it gives practical handles for how values and life skills can be effectively taught to youth. It is not just lip service, but the authors show how it can be seamlessly integrated into coaching as an approach. Better yet, it is transferable to other arenas of life.  With this, our youth will be more ready for the future.”
    -Liew Wei Li, Director-General of Education, Singapore

    “Character and Citizenship Education is at the heart of the education system in Singapore. It is a key pillar in our approach to the holistic development of Singaporean students’ values, character, social-emotional well-being, and citizenship dispositions. This book provides much-needed evidence-based research and strategies to meet the changing education landscape. I am impressed by the pedagogy of intentionality — integrating content knowledge with values and life skills through context-specific activities and guiding learners to reflect on their experiences and transform them into new knowledge. I highly recommend this book to educators and practitioners!”
    -Professor Liu Woon Chia, Director, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    “Sport Singapore strongly believes that sport is an excellent platform to shape our youths into capable, resilient and adaptable adults who contribute to our society in various roles. Singapore's President Tharman Shanmugaratnam famously said that "sport made me", and indeed sport can play a big part in helping individuals to acquire the skills needed to thrive well into the future. This is reflected in our Vision2030 aspiration of enabling Singaporeans to Live Better Through Sport. This book provides compelling evidence-based practical ideas to develop and integrate values-driven practices. A must read, especially for all our teachers and coaches.”
    -Alan Goh, Chief Executive Officer, Sport Singapore

    “I am delighted to endorse the textbook, “Coaching Values and Life Skills through Physical Education and Sports: A Practical Toolkit", which brings together researchers from around the globe to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively teach values and life skills through physical education and sports. The chapters in this book are broken down into six parts, and they include a broad range of relevant theories, historical and current empirical research, that both researchers and practitioners should find useful in their daily practices.” 
    -Professor Gordon Bloom, Chair, Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education, McGill University, Canada

    “Central to the development of young people learning to adapt to a dynamic society is the ability to shape why they do what they do within a values-based framework. Practitioners need guidance in shaping the moral values and good character of young people in and through physical education and sport (PES). This book provides evidence-based practical ideas to apply in these unique settings. Koon Teck brings together prominent international scholars and practitioners to create a must-have resource to effectively teach values and life skills.”
    -Professor Cliff Mallett OAM, School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, University of Queensland, Australia