1st Edition

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

Edited By Scott Slotnick Copyright 2012
    126 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The cognitive neuroscience of long-term memory is ingrained with the assumptions that a particular task measures a single cognitive process and that each cognitive process is mediated by a single brain region. However, these assumptions are simplistic and currently hindering progress toward understanding the true mechanisms of memory. This special issue of Cognitive Neuroscience presents five empirical papers and two theoretical discussion papers with peer commentaries on the spatial and/or temporal mechanisms of memory. These papers embrace more complex cognitive and neural processes, and thus will provide a framework for future studies to investigate the true mechanisms of memory.

    Scott D. Slotnick Introduction to special issue: The cognitive neuroscience of memory Sarah S. Yu, Jeffrey D. Johnson & Michael D. Rugg Dissociation of recollection-related neural activity in ventral lateral parietal cortex Katherine R. Mickley Steinmetz, Katherine Schmidt, Halle R. Zucker & Elizabeth A. Kensinger The effect of emotional arousal and retention delay on subsequent-memory effects Giulia Galli, Tsee Leng Choy & Leun J. Otten Prestimulus brain activity predicts primacy in list learning L. H. Evans, J. E. Herron & E. L. Wilding Electrophysiological insights into control over recollection Grit Herzmann, Mingwu Jin, Dietmar Cordes & Tim Curran A within-subject ERP and fMRI investigation of orientation-specific recognition memory for pictures Joel L. Voss, Heather D. Lucas & Ken A. Paller More than a feeling: Pervasive influences of memory without awareness of retrieval, 9 commentaries + Response Stephen J. Gotts, Carson C. Chow & Alex Martin Repetition priming and repetition suppression: A case for enhanced efficiency through neural synchronization, 9 commentaries + Response


    Scott Slotnick