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Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

1st Edition

Edited By Scott Slotnick
November 05, 2012

The cognitive neuroscience of long-term memory is ingrained with the assumptions that a particular task measures a single cognitive process and that each cognitive process is mediated by a single brain region. However, these assumptions are simplistic and currently hindering progress toward ...

The Body in the Brain Body Representations, Processes and Neural Mechanisms

The Body in the Brain: Body Representations, Processes and Neural Mechanisms

1st Edition

Edited By Stephen Jackson, Laurel Buxbaum, H. Coslett
January 10, 2012

The past decade has seen increasing interest within the cognitive neuroscience community in understanding the psychological processes involved in representing the body, and in learning how these processes may be implemented within the brain. This special issue of Cognitive Neuroscience contributes ...

Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness A Special Issue of Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness: A Special Issue of Cognitive Neuroscience

1st Edition

Edited By Anil Seth, Geraint Rees
November 23, 2010

How do conscious experience, subjectivity, and free will arise from the brain and the body? Even in the late 20th century, consciousness was considered to be beyond the reach of science. Now, understanding the neural mechanisms underlying consciousness is recognized as a key objective for 21st ...

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