1st Edition

College Success for Adults Insider Tips for Effective Learning

By C.M. Gill Copyright 2021
    250 Pages
    by Routledge

    250 Pages
    by Routledge

    College Success for Adults: Insider Tips for Effective Learning is a concise, user-friendly guide to college success for the adult college student. In it, readers learn to master the rules, vocabulary, and expectations of the college environment. They’ll discover how to balance their work and personal lives with college-level study, develop the mindset of the successful college student, take notes effectively, conquer testing anxiety, win over their professors, and much more.

    Armed with the knowledge this book provides, readers will emerge with a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed in college—and how they can achieve this success. They’ll learn how to take their own experience and wisdom as adults and translate it into success in the college classroom. Readers also receive helpful supplementary resources that will aid them on their journey to college success, including a college vocabulary glossary, college knowledge quiz (with answer key), a list of scholarships exclusively for adult students, and a suggested course syllabus (with detailed course calendar).


    SECTION I: BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION FOR YOUR SUCCESS; Chapter 1: Develop the Mindset of a Successful College Student;   Chapter 2: The Top 10 Myths About College You Must Not Believe;   Chapter 3: Choose The Best Major and Degree or Certificate for You ;  Chapter 4: Find Funds to Pay for Your College Education ;  Chapter 5: What Your Professors Expect You Already Know—But You Probably Don’t ;  SECTION II: ACHIEVING YOUR ACADEMIC DREAMS—STEP BY STEP ;  Chapter 6: Select Your Classes and Professors Wisely ;  Chapter 7: Master Work/Life/School Balance ;  Chapter 8: Take Notes Like a Pro ;  Chapter 9: Study Smarter, Not Harder;   Chapter 10: Ace Tests and Conquer Test Anxiety ;  Chapter 11: Understand—and Master—College Technology ;  Chapter 12: Where to Find Help ;  Chapter 13: Steps To Take Now to Secure a Job After Graduation ;   SECTION III: SUCCEEDING BEYOND COLLEGE ;  Chapter 14: Keep Moving on Up ;  Appendix A: College Vocabulary Glossary ;  Appendix B: Scholarships for Adult Students: APPLY NOW! ;  Appendix C: Beware the Bureaucracy of Higher Education!;   Appendix D: How to Transfer to a Four-Year University ;  Appendix E: College Knowledge Quiz! ;  Appendix F (For Instructors): Sample College Success Course Syllabus ; 


    C.M. Gill is on the faculty at Austin Community College in Austin, TX, where she enjoys teaching adult students in her College Success, English, and math courses. As the Supervisor of ACC’s College Prep Program for seven years, she helped thousands of adult students transition successfully into college.

    "This book is truly amazing.  It answers the big questions about college and was hard to put down. I recommend it to anyone new to college or looking to go!"

    –Ted Stanhope, Student, Texas A&M University Central Texas.

    "This is a fantastic, much-needed resource for adult students to help them successfully navigate the college environment. Highly, highly recommend it."

    —Dr. Dorado Kinney, Executive Dean of Student Affairs, Austin Community College

    "Charlene Gill has written a great book for college-going adult students from the perspective of a great teacher who understands the plight of the student.  It is full of useful advice through a kind, understanding voice with real life knowledge of the challenges adult college students face"

    —Kathy Dowdy, Executive Director, Adult Education, Austin Community College

    "College Success for Adults is a fabulous resource for any adult student wanting to gain valuable tips on transitioning into college, and achieve ongoing academic success. The author has years of first-hand experience supporting such students, introducing them to the key concept of growth mindset, building a solid foundation, and how to navigate the complex 'world of education', in the USA - a highly recommended read!"

    —Sunita Misra, Supervisor, College Prep Programs, Austin Community College