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The Comedia series features new theoretical and empirical work exploring the dynamics of the arts and culture industries, and addressing critical issues in the field of contemporary popular culture: issues of production, design, marketing, and consumption. While the principle focus is contemporary, the series also offers historical, educational, and policy-oriented perspectives across a broad range of media and cultural forms, from the news media to the visual arts.

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Online File Sharing Innovations in Media Consumption

Online File Sharing: Innovations in Media Consumption

1st Edition

By Jonas Andersson Schwarz
February 12, 2018

It is apparent that file sharing on the Internet has become an emerging norm of media consumption—especially among young people. This book provides a critical perspective on this phenomenon, exploring issues related to file sharing, downloading, peer-to-peer networks, "piracy," and (not least) ...

Advertising International The Privatisation of Public Space

Advertising International: The Privatisation of Public Space

1st Edition

By Armand Mattelart
November 20, 1991

First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

Timeshift On Video Culture

Timeshift: On Video Culture

1st Edition

By Sean Cubitt
April 25, 1991

Focusing on the aesthetics of video, Timeshift tests current semiotic, postmodernist and psychoanalytic approaches in the laboratory of real-life video viewing....

Negotiating the Mediated City Everyday Encounters with Public Screens

Negotiating the Mediated City: Everyday Encounters with Public Screens

1st Edition

By Zlatan Krajina
October 27, 2016

This book is an interdisciplinary empirical investigation of how people interact with public screens in their daily lives. In more and more surprising locations, screens of various kinds appear within the sightlines of passers-by in contemporary cities. Outdoor advertisers target audiences which ...

Family Television Cultural Power and Domestic Leisure

Family Television: Cultural Power and Domestic Leisure

1st Edition

By David Morley
February 25, 1988

First Published in 2006. In this detailed study of television viewing among families from different cultural backgrounds, Morley develops many of the themes of his earlier work on the nationwide audience. This book extends that work into new territory, examining different ways in which television ...

The Museum Time Machine Putting Cultures on Display

The Museum Time Machine: Putting Cultures on Display

1st Edition

By Robert Lumley
August 01, 1988

A provocative contribution to the current debate on museums, this collection of essays contains contributions from France, Britain, Australia, the USA and Canada....

Hiding in the Light On Images and Things

Hiding in the Light: On Images and Things

1st Edition

By Dick Hebdige
April 28, 1989

Dick Hebdige looks at the creation and consumption of objects and images as diverse as fashion and documentary photographs, 1950's streamlined cars, Italian motor scooters, 1980's 'style manuals', Biff cartoons, the Band Aid campaign, Pop Art and promotional music videos. He assesses their broad ...

Cut `n' Mix Culture, Identity and Caribbean Music

Cut `n' Mix: Culture, Identity and Caribbean Music

1st Edition

By Dick Hebdige
August 10, 1987

First published in 1987. This is a book about the music of the Caribbean - from calypso and ska through to Reggae and Caribbean club culture....

Teletechnologies, Place, and Community

Teletechnologies, Place, and Community

1st Edition

By Rowan Wilken
March 27, 2014

Teletechnologies, or technologies of distance, cannot be ignored. Indeed, the present electronic age is said to have wrought profound changes to how we think about and experience who we are, where we are, and how we relate with one another. Place and community have traditionally formed key concepts...

Impossible Bodies Femininity and Masculinity at the Movies

Impossible Bodies: Femininity and Masculinity at the Movies

1st Edition

By Christine Holmlund
December 29, 2001

Impossible Bodies investigates issues of ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in contemporary Hollywood. Examining stars from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood, to Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Lopez, Holmlund focuses on actors whose physique or appearance marks them as unusual or exceptional, ...

The Photographic Image in Digital Culture

The Photographic Image in Digital Culture

2nd Edition

Edited By Martin Lister
October 25, 2013

This new edition of The Photographic Image in Digital Culture explores the condition of photography after some 20 years of remediation and transformation by digital technology. Through ten especially commissioned essays, by some of the leading scholars in the field of contemporary photography ...

Culture after Humanism History, Culture, Subjectivity

Culture after Humanism: History, Culture, Subjectivity

1st Edition

By Iain Chambers
August 09, 2001

Culture After Humanism asks what happens to the authority of traditional western modes of thought in the wake of postmodernist theories of language and identity. Drawing on examples from music, architecture, literature, philosophy and art, Iain Chambers investigates moments of tension, ...

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