1st Edition

Media, Modernity and Technology The Geography of the New

By David Morley Copyright 2007
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    From best-selling author David Morley, this book presents a set of interlinked essays which discuss and examine some of the key debates in the fields of media and cultural studies.

    Spanning the last decade, this fascinating and readable book is based on interdisciplinary work on the interface of media and cultural studies, cultural geography and anthropology.

    Clearly structured in five thematic sections, the book surveys the potential contribution of art-based discourses to the field and offers critical perspectives on the emergence of the ‘new media’ of our age.

    Including discussion on the status and future of media and cultural studies as disciplines, the significance of technology and new media, and raising questions about the place of the magical in the newly emerging forms of techno-modernity in which we live today, this is a media student must-read.

    Introduction  Part 1: Disciplinary Dilemmas: Canons and Orthodoxies  1. So-Called Cultural Studies: Dead Ends and Reinvented Wheels  2. Cultural Studies and Media Studies: Contexts, Coundaries and Politics Part 2: Methodological Matters: Interdisciplinary Approaches  3.  Methodological Problems and Research Practices: Opening up the Black Box  4. Visions of the Real: The Ethnographic Arts  Part 3: The Geography of Modernity and the Orientation of the Future  5. EurAm, Modernity, Reason and Alterity: After the West?  6. Beyond Global Abstraction: Regional Theory and the Spatialisation of History  Part 4: Domesticity, Mediation and the Technologies of 'Newness'  7. Public Issues and Intimate Histories: Mediation, Domestication and Dis-Location  8. Rhetorics of the Technological Sublime: the Paradoxes of Technical Rationality  Part 5: Techno-Anthropology: Icons, Totems and Fetishes  9. Television: not so much a Visual Medium, more a Visible Object  10. Magical Technologies: the New, the Shiny and the Symbolic  Coda  11. Marvels and Wonders: Modernity, Tradition and Technology


    David Morley

    'A good historical introduction to British cultural studies' - Cultural Geographies