1st Edition

Commentaries of Ruy Freyre de Andrada

Edited By C. R. Boxer Copyright 2005
    408 Pages
    by Routledge

    408 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1930.
    'The Broadway Travellers consolidates its already high reputation by issuing this volume...' Spectator
    This is the first translation of the Commentarios since original publication in 1647. Copies of the original are very rare yet the work covers an historically significant period, describing the operations leading up to the capture from the Portuguese of Ormuz, in the Persian Gulf, by an Anglo-Persian force. Of importance in the history of the rise of the Indian Empire, this is the first printed account of the Portuguese version of the affair.
    The appendices include many previously unpublished Portuguese documents, the most important of which is the full Journal of Edward Monnox, who was present throughout the operations.

    Volume 1 1. Departure of Ruy Freyre from Lisbon 2. Of how he arrived at Mocambique 3. Of how he left Mocambique 4. Of how he arrived at Ormuz and dealt with the work of the Fortress of Queixome 5. Of how the Armada arrived at the Cape of Iasques 6. How the ships of England arrived, and how our fleet went to encounter them 7. Concerning the deliberation of the English 8. How Ruy Freyre arrived at Ormuz 9. How the Fleet arrived at the island of Queixome 10. How the Persians encamped 11. Of our spies that were captured from the Persians and of the news which they gave 12. Of how the Captain-Major Ruy Freyre sent Miguel Botelho with 5 and 20 galliots to hinder the passage of the Persian army 13. Of how the Captain-Major completed the Fortress 14. What the Captain-Major ordered concerning the ransom of the Sheiks, and concerning Iulufar 15. Of what passed between the Captain-Major and Miragonadim 16. How the General Habadulacao arrived with the Persian Army and besieged the Fortress 17. Of the great assault that the Captain Balthezar de Chaves made on the enemy camp, and of a miraculous occurrence that two Persians came to relate in the Fortress 18. Departure of Balthezar de Chaves 19. Of the warning that was received about a mine 20. How the Captain-Major sent Balthezar de Chaves against the port of Iasques 21. How the Captain-Major sent to the Cape of Iasques to watch for the English Fleet 22. How Balthezar de Chaves fell upon the Fortress of Lafeta and destroyed it 23. How Simao de Mello arrived from India with the Succour-Fleet and Domingos Pirez with news of the English Fleet 24. How Andre Coutinho arrived with news of the English ships 25. How the English disembarked the artillery and fortified themselves ashire 26. How the General Abadulacao attacked the fortress a second time 27. How the Portuguese replied unto the English 28. How the fleet of oared vessels arrived 29. How the English signed the capitulations Volume 2 30. Of how the loss of the fortress of Queixome was learnt in Ormuz 31. How the Persians and English came upon Ormuz 32. How the Persians entered the City and sacked it 33. Of the fortification that the Persians made in the City 34. How the galleons were laid up 35. How the Persians minted the bastion of Santiago 36. Our men countermine a Persian mine 37. The Persians fire their second mine 38. The Enemy captures the Bastion of Santiago 39. Dom Manoel de Sousa arrives at Ormuz 40. The English propose a parley. The Fortress is surrendered to them 41. The Cao of Xiras takes possession of the Fortress of Ormuz 42. Ruy Freyre escapes from the English at Surat 43. Ruy Freyre arrives at Goa 44. The Gneral Ruy Freyre fall upon the Fortress of Soar 45. The General Ruy Freyre continues the Arabian War 46. The General lays siege to Ormuz 47. The General founds a custom-house in the Fortress of Congo 48. The General Ruy Freire returns to Persia, makes a custom-house in Congo. Ch 49 - News comes of Dom Goncalo da Silveyra 50. The General goes to Goa. His death


    C. R. Boxer