1st Edition

Complexifying Curriculum Studies Reflections on the Generative and Generous Gifts of William E. Doll, Jr.

Edited By Molly Quinn Copyright 2019
    264 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    264 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The essays in this volume bring together leading-edge scholars to illuminate the work of William E. Doll, Jr., as a key curriculum thinker of global impact, and introduce his work and influence to new generations of scholars, teachers, and students of education. Drawing on their individual contexts, contributors cover a range of topics and themes, including engagement with pragmatism, the work of John Dewey, and the inclusion of post-modern, chaos, and complexity theories to education and curriculum. Advancing our understanding and conversation of existing problems and possibilities in education, this collection serves as both an homage to Doll and a call for action and consideration of what matters in education.



    1. Introduction—From "The Echo of God’s Laughter": The Generative and Generous Gifts
    2. of William E. Doll, Jr. to Curriculum Studies

      [Molly Quinn]

      Part I: Of Influence, Inspiration, and Intellectual Adventure

    3. Dynamics of a Scholarly Life: Conversational Complexity in Pursuit of the
    4. Mysterium Tremendum

      [M. Jayne Fleener]

    5. Toward the Reenchantment of Curriculum: A Study on William Doll’s Postmodern Curriculum Theory
    6. [Hua Zhang]

    7. Education as Liberating Experience: Bill Doll's Scholarship and Contested Legacies
    8. of Euro-American Curriculum Theories from Descartes Onwards

      [Tero Autio]

    9. Thoroughly (Post-Modern) Billy
    10. [Peter Appelbaum]

    11. Travels with Bill in Search of America (and Beyond)
    12. [Noel Gough]

      Part II: Of Engagement, Immersion, and Transformative Experience

    13. The . . . Readiness . . . To Be "All Ears"
    14. [David W. Jardine]

    15. Engaging Engaging: Topological Reflections Prompted by Bill Doll
    16. [Bernard P. Ricca]

    17. Playful Engagement with Difference
    18. [Hongyu Wang]

    19. A Recursive Path to Infinity
    20. [Lixin Luo]

      Part III: Of Play, Praxis, and Pedagogical Grace

    21. Learning the Play of Language: Hermeneutic Acts of Interpretation While Watching
    22. Bill Doll Dance

      [Douglas McKnight]

    23. A Life with Bill Doll: A Journey in Praxis, Patience, and Play
    24. [Stephen S. Triche]

    25. An Extraordinary Pedagogical Figure: Bill Doll as a Susung
    26. [Jung-Hoon Jung]

    27. The Pedagogical Complexity of Story
    28. [Sarah Smitherman Pratt]

      Part IV: Of Method, Mystery, and Visionary Magic

    29. Circling the Known
    30. [Kathleen R. Kesson]

    31. An Ethics of Free Responsible Action: Examining Doll’s Struggling With Spirituality
    32. [Ugena Whitlock]

    33. Addressing "Curriculum" as an Inspirited Letter
    34. [Nicholas Ng-A-Fook]

    35. The Pedagogy of the King of Chaos in a Post-modern Era
    36. [Jie Yu]

      Part V: Of School, Society, and the Sacred in Scholarly Tradition

    37. Post-modern Curriculum: Reviving the Vision
    38. [Nel Noddings]

    39. Complex Conversations on Curriculum: Ghosts and the Five C’s Revisited
    40. [Eero Ropo and Veli-Matti Värri]

    41. "Wrestling" with Complexity: Bill Doll’s "Dancing Curriculum"
    42. [Denise Egéa]

    43. Living Poetically: The Pedagogy of William E. Doll Jr.
    44. [Carl Leggo]

    45. Confronting Life and Death: Reflections on Living the Spirit of Education
    46. [Petra Munro Hendry]

    47. Afterword

    [William Pinar]

    List of Contributors



    Molly Quinn is Professor in the College of Education at Augusta University, USA.