1st Edition

Computational Neuroscience Realistic Modeling for Experimentalists

Edited By Erik De Schutter Copyright 2001

    Designed primarily as an introduction to realistic modeling methods, Computational Neuroscience: Realistic Modeling for Experimentalists focuses on methodological approaches, selecting appropriate methods, and identifying potential pitfalls. The author addresses varying levels of complexity, from molecular interactions within single neurons to the processing of information by neural networks. He avoids theoretical mathematics and provides just enough of the basic math used by experimentalists.

    What makes this resource unique is the inclusion of downloadable resources that furnish interactive modeling examples. It contains tutorials and demos, movies and images, and the simulation scripts necessary to run the full simulation described in the chapter examples. Each chapter covers: the theoretical foundation; parameters needed; appropriate software descriptions; evaluation of the model; future directions expected; examples in text boxes linked to the downloadable resources; and references.

    The first book to bring you cutting-edge developments in neuronal modeling. It provides an introduction to realistic modeling methods at levels of complexity varying from molecular interactions to neural networks. The book and downloadable resources combine to make Computational Neuroscience: Realistic Modeling for Experimentalists the complete package for understanding modeling techniques.

    Introduction to Equation Solving and Parameter Fitting
    Modeling Networks of Signaling Pathways
    Modeling Local and Global Calcium Signals Using Reaction-Diffusion Systems
    Monte Carlo methods for Simulating Realistic Synaptic Microphysiology Using Mcell
    Which Formalism to Use for Modeling Voltage-Dependent Conductances
    Accurate Reconstruction of Neuronal Morphology
    Modeling Dendritic Geometry and the Development of Nerve Connections
    Passive Cable Modeling - a Practical Introduction
    Modeling Simple and Complex Active Neurons
    Realistic Modeling of Small Neuronal Circuits
    Modeling of Large Networks
    Modeling of Interactions Between Neural Networks and Musculoskeletal Systems


    Erik De Schutter

    "This book is a refreshing exception to [the dour expectations of multiauthored books]. Instead of merely repackaging their own scientific findings, the authors focused on the methodology of creating computational implementations of conceptual models of biological neurons and networks."
    - N.T. Carnevale, Psychology, Yale University, in The Quarterly Review of Biology, Vol. 77, No. 2