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Computer, Intelligent Computing and Education Technology

1st Edition

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This proceedings set contains selected Computer, Information and Education Technology related papers from the 2014 International Conference on Computer, Intelligent Computing and Education Technology (CICET 2014), held March 27-28, 2014 in Hong Kong. The proceedings aims to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Computer Science, Information Technology and Education Technology.

Table of Contents


Computer science and intelligent computing

The study of Tibetan text clustering based on hybrid parallel genetic algorithm

Y.-G. Dai, P. Li, T. Jiang & T. Xu

The PVDF-based method for wind turbine blades structural health monitoring

Y.-Y. Li, Z. Wan, Z. Chen, H.-H. Liu & X.-C. You

Research on universal data push mechanism based on XMPP protocol and IAIDL for smart home

Y. Wang, D.L. Shi, Z.Q. Wei & X. Wang

Stereo vision calibration based on Elman neural network

B.-W. Chen

Compressed sensing algorithms for direction-of-arrival estimation with nonuniform linear arrays

W. Zhu, S. Shu & L.Z. Cheng

An improved particle swarm algorithm for distribution network reconfiguration

F.-C. Liu, G. Zhang, Z.-Y. Li, W. Xu & H. Liu

The legal risk rating for food enterprise based on artificial neural networks

M.X. Cai & Y.G. Jiang

Adolescent attachment and the mobile phone addiction: Mediating effects of social support

X.H. Ge

Study on training approach for microsystem design and fabrication

P.Y. Zhang & Y. Li

Development of three-phase smart meter based on dual ATmega128L and its applications

in power quality

L.F. Cheng & T. Yu

Precision measurement of the spatiotemporal evolutions of a long laser pulse during nonlinear


S.G. Deng, Y.B. Deng, C.X. Xiong, G.F. Zhang & Y. Tian

The research on reliability optimization of software system

W.J. Gu, Y.X. Qian & Y.L. Wang

Enhancing IP anycast with location redirection for stateful communication

J. Jiang

On adaptability of web-based learning for science and engineering students

M. Zhang, C.-X. Zheng & J. Peng

A novel method for optimal capacitor placement in radial distribution system

X.-C. Xiao, B.-Y. Liu & Q.-Y. Luo

Design and construction of the government external access network based on EPON

Z.Y. Hu

The study of CFD on aerodynamic characteristics of freestyle skiing athletes in the curve slideway period

X. Wang

Kinematic comparative study of technical actions of backhand chop of table tennis and tennis

B. Zhang & K.-F. Wei

The kinematics analysis on throwing ability of 2–6 years old healthy infants

X. Guan & X. Wang

Discussion on the improvement of the effect of 2/3 court zone press defense through court awareness

Y. Fan & W.-F. Kang

Chinese taekwondo environment analysis and development strategy

Z. Zhang & F. Yi

Key technology research of personalized virtual learning community

Y.-F. Ren & C.-W. Qi

Development of standard connector library system based on UG software

X.-J. Dai & X.-Y. Chen

A further study on semantics demonstrativeness’ control on the transformation from “NPL + have (you) + Num-Classifier-Noun phrases” sentence pattern to “on (zai)” sentence pattern

Y. Xu & H. Xiao

Sensitivity analysis on transient responses of coupled transmission lines in the time domain

X.-K. Chen, Y.J. Zhao, J.-Q. Zhao, N.J. Fan & X.X. Guo

Study on the measurement method of power frequency impedance parameters

of multiple-circuit transmission lines on the same tower

W.G. Gu, Y.J. Zhao, J.-H. Yin, J.-Q. Zhao, N.J. Fan & X.X. Guo

Software security concerns modeling method based on UML extension

W.-J. Li, K. Zhao, L.-L. Zhang, C.-X. Wei, J. Wang & S.-H. Xu

Video semantic feature extraction model

X. Zhong & L. Li

Application of multi-population genetic algorithm in economic dispatch of power systems

K. Wang

The enlightenment of space teaching for the talent nurturing mode at the information age

N. Zhu, G. Ding & Y. Shen

Hierarchical model for digital image processing and practice

Z.S. Li, T.C. Wang, B. Xie & J.J. Liu

Empirical analysis for virtual reality telepresence

F.Y. Wu & H. Wang

Example-based image denoising in technology enhanced learning

D. Fu

Research and application of high-speed railway passenger query system base on flex

W.Q. Zhu, T.Y. Shi, L. Jiang & Y.X. Liu

Different rate double loop network control based on smith predictor

D.T. Liu, J.N. Li & H. Zhao

Feasibility assessment of large-scale photovoltaic power generation accessing Jilin Western Grid

G.-G. Yan, Z.-H. Wang, J.-H. Li, X. Tan, W.-H. Luo & L.-M. Feng

Mineral resources information manage system based on XML technology

Y. Gao & M. Lv

The application research on training the digital image information transmission ability of female university students

J. Wu & L.M. Sun

Application of virtual reality technology in the teaching of art design

F.-F. Wu

Research and application of an improved data mining process model

F.-Y. Nie

Analysis of key knowledge structure, core ability and basic quality of applied talents

X.Y. Lang & K. Zhang

Education for construction and security countermeasures of family wireless LAN

D.L. Hao & H.S. Zhang

The measurement of total nitrogen

D.L. Hao, L. Sun & Y.R. Dong

The design of rescue drills for coal mine explosion accident and the implementation research of virtual reality

B.W. Lei, B. Wu, Y. Peng & Z.Y. Jiang

Improved ACO-K clustering routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks

L. Peng, G.-Y. Dong & F.-F. Dai

Based on vibration signal analysis of the Matlab to measure the motor speed

B.Q. Xu, X. Wang & Y.C. Dong

Study on IGA-PID applied in optimizing cascade control

X.-Z. Fang, J.-H. Wang & S.-L. Wu

An improved ray tracing location algorithm based on the KNN

X.-Q. Peng

Research on LAN-based information security

Z.H. Wang & X.P. Li

The intelligent evaluation model for mathematics learning ability based on BP neural network and the application in the interactive learning system

Q.-K. Ma & Z.-H. Li

New enhancements to part-based hand gesture recognition system with a Kinect camera

F.Z. He, Z.Y. Lai, B. Feng & W.Y. Liu

The rural land dividends simulation based on SD: A case of Xiaoshan, Hangzhou

W.P. Xu, S.F. Yuan, Y. Chen, Y. Zhang, L. Sun & S.C. Zhu

Project teaching exploration and practice of web design and production courses of higher vocational education

C.Y. Yu & Y.Y. Zhu

The case method in the information security management major

F.X. Sun & K. Wang

The target-oriented inquiry-discovery teaching model in course design assisted by computer

J.B. Zhang, J.W. Wang & X.Q. Xu

Cloud sharing technology based on android platform

Z.-R. Lei, Y.-W. Xu & Y. Shi

Design and implementation of a SOA-based health management system

H. Wang, Y.L. Wu & F. Wu

Study on Web-based learning of SNS platform based on six degree of separation

Z.M. Zhang

New challenge of CAM technology

M.L. Bao

The Generalized Kalman Filter and application

M.-Z. Zhao, J. Yue & Q.-L. Wang

Design and development of calibration data processing system for the structure strength test data acquisition equipment

J. Zuo, J.F. Zhang & J.L. Liu

Influence of electromagnetic interference on reliability of high-voltage switchgear

S. Chen, Y. Yuan & W.-Z. Ren

Study of overvoltage monitoring method based on compound integra tion Rogowski coil

F.-C. Lv, X.-Z. Fan, H.-Y. Liu, Y.-X. Wang & M.-H. Ma

Constructions of space-resource curriculums of higher mathematics based on network platform in the world university city

H.-Y. Zhen

The research of radio and television programme-oriented intelligence analysis system

M. Zhao, T.Z. Zhang & J.P. Chai

A hand gesture recognition method based on inertial sensor

H.-X. Wang, P. Yang, Q. Xiao & J.-B. Wang

Research and practice of how to cultivate computational thinking in the college computer foundation course

T. Zhan, L. Deng & Z.L. Liao

Research and optimization of duplicate records detection algorithm based on clustering tree

M.W. Wu, H.L. Dong, R.G. Wang & Z.N. Zhang

The analysis model of students’ achievements based on Weighted Naive Bayes Classification

X.L. Wang & Y. Jie

Reactive power optimization compensation research of medium and lower voltage distribution network in modernization function district

Y. Mao, S. Liang, X.L. Liu & X. Fan

Existence of a minimal positive solutions for some singularity elliptic equation

Z.-Y. Liu

A study on the adjustment strategies of Dongguan’s vocational education major structures under the background of industry transformation

S.-P. Huang & M.-L. Guo

A layout algorithm for social network visualization based on community information

Z.N. Zhong, Y. Wu, N. Jing & X. Li

Study on wind farms tourism development in China based on the triple helix theory

S.Y. Wang

The design and implementation of mobile learning platform based on WLAN

G.X. Wang & Y.L. Gao

Solving stochastic expected value models with stochastic particle swarm optimization algorithm

N. Xiao

Research of improving C++ programming experimental course teaching effect combined competition and teaching

N. Xiao

Research on color image retrieval based on spatial distance

S.L. Zhang, J.T. Dong & Z.Y. Feng

Development and application of Fault Tree Analysis system based on computer technology

H.-M. Zhou, L. Huang, D.-T. Hu & Y. Sun

The importance and feasibility of leisure-aesthetical education in sports colleges in China

H.-Q. Qu, J.-B. Tu & N. Li

Mode selection algorithm in H.264 based on macroblock merging

X.-Y. Zhao & G.-L. Li

Analysis the form beauty of glass material

Z.D. Zhang & L.Q. Xiang

Inter-disciplinary IT service outsourcing talent cultivation mode in China: A school-enterprise integration cooperation perspective

J. Mao, Z.H. Dang & Y.Y. Fang

Research the association of dangerous driving behavior and traffic congestion based on C4.5 algorithm

Z.-W. Yuan & Y. Dong

Research on the mold process design system with case-based reasoning

J.-B. Zhao

Computer aided design system based on 3D GIS for park design

S. Lu & F. Wang

Large-scale image denoising using incremental learning method

C. Chen, X.-W. Wu, B. Sun & J. He

Microcomputer principle and assembly language teaching

C.-M. Dai, C.-M. Du & T.-Y. Yan

Wind energy conversion system modeling and control study

T.-Y. Yan, C.-M. Dai & C.-M. Du

Research on virtualization technology of IO device

H.-M. Zhang, H.-R. Hu, Y.-X. Xiang & L.-L. Fang

Heuristic virtual experimental teaching for computational thinking

Y.F. Chen, H.J. Chang & F.X. Li

The design and implementation of cloud data computing and storage platform

S.-Q. Tang, Y.-L. Li & H.-R. Hu

Research on modernization construction of troops network thought political education

W.L. Yu

A design of on-line monitoring system for working motor

H.-J. Wang, Z.-Q. Yong & W.-Q. You

Research on web service formal description and web service composition

L. An, M.-F. Tuo, X.-M. Ye & R. Zhu

Research on register allocation optimization technology

Y. Qiu, X. Li & H.-G. Zhang

Development and management of multimedia language laboratory in university

H.-Y. Zhong

Analysis on cleaning chain material wear of steel belt conveyor in coal-fired power plant

Y.D. Wang

MEMS-based microsystem for minimally invasive optical monitoring of blood glucose

P.Y. Zhang & Y. Li

Research on visual natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Networks integration model base-on SVG

Y. Gao, M. Yuan, J.S. Yuan, Y. Yu & D.L. Yang

The key installation technology of Shanghai Laohutai pumping station facilities transformation

Y.G. Cao & K.F. Zhang

Application of web mining in electronic commerce

Z.H. Luo & Y. Yang

Analysis on the evolution of marine innovation collaboration networks

F.X. Qiu

Analysis of the collage in fashion design

M.M. Wang, S. Sun & X.C. Chai

Optimization methods of report data processing

L. Yan, Y.-B. Zhu & Y.-J. Li

Research of mapping XML to non first normal form

L. Yan, Y.-F. Li & Y.-B. Zhu

Answering multiple MAP queries simultaneously using binary jointree

W. Wang & Y. Wang

Analysis of open enterprise-hosted innovative community network based on system dynamics

M. Qin & L.-H. Chen

Study on properties of nonlinear UKF algorithm of information fusion

R.C. Wu, F.L. Zhang, Y. Yang & J.B. Zhang

Design and implementation of college physics demonstration experiment network aided teaching platform

R. Jiang, H.Q. Liu & C.-X. Zheng

A novel algorithm of contour initialization

P. Zang & L. Wang

H-beam rolling schedule influence on the microstructure

J.H. Ma, S.B. Zheng & B. Tao

Multi-objective fuzzy optimal design of hot rolling strip mill housing

J.H. Ma, B. Tao & X.H. Yao

Optimal design roller of Y-type mill

J.H. Ma, B. Tao & X.H. Yao

Structure optimization of the corrugated web rail using SA combined with FEM

J.H. Ma, B. Tao & X.H. Yao

The multi-object optimal pass design based on improved GA

J.H. Ma, B. Tao & X.H. Yao

Based on interpolating windowed FFT to achieve the data acquisition module in electricity network monitoring meter Y.-F. Liu

Parametric planting design in landscape architecture

J. Ling & S. Lu

Interpretable rule-based knowledge acquisition for characterizing fungal virulence factors

W.-L. Huang

Research on power management methods for airborne fire-control radar

J. Ou, F. Zhao, J.-H. Yang, J. Liu & G.-Y. Wang

Design and implement of data integrity verify service under cloud environment

Q.L. Wu

Study on control of artificial intelligence on swarm intelligence

P.F. Yuan, T. Xiao & L.M. Zhang

Application practice of artificial intelligence in interactive architecture

P.F. Yuan & L.M. Zhang

Innovation research on personnel training of undergraduates on communication engineering

G.-M. Li & Z.-Z. Li

Research of assessing system in environmental experiment course based on working process in colleges: A case study of operation management course of secondary sewage treatment plants

H.-Y. Qi, H.-B. Lun & L. Ta

Research on mobile Home-School Communication System

J. Fan

The design and analysis of management information system for nuclear disease specimens of Zunyi medical university Y. Sima & X. Zeng

A new notion to test unit root for the LSTAR model

C.-Y. Zhao & S.-J. Nan

Fruit quality evaluation based on surface color and SVM

Y.H. Wu, Y.Y. Wang, C. Wang, Q.J. Liu, Y.Z. Wang & G.Q. Huang

Based on MB JPEG image analysis algorithms secret

H.-F. Huang

Digital image authentication algorithm based on the source characteristics of higher-order statistics

H.-F. Huang, X.-S. Zheng & Y.-G. Zheng

How to do confidential work of electronic archives

F.-L. Zhang

Data mining techniques for customer analysis and management in banking industry

J.Y. Wang & C.X. Zhao

Design of words similarity based message router in enterprise service bus

X. Sui, C.Y. Liu, J.S. Li & H.B. Han

Proper guidance to mobile phone culture on campus

Y.-L. Wang

Research on multiple attribute decision making of graduate students comprehensive quality assessment

Y.-H. Dong, C.-S. Sun & J.-S. Wang

Research mode for constructing internal information office platform for small scale government units

Y.G. Wei, S.Y. Yu, X.M. Zhu & J.Y. Liao

Application of network protocol teaching system in computer network courses teaching

L.P. Feng, T. Li, K. Xie & H.Q. Liu

Research on the motivation status and stimulus strategies for sports volunteer activity of college students

Q.-J. Lai

GenBank data management based on Hadoop

Y.L. Zhao, Z.Q. Sun, H.J. Li & S.S.X. Yuan

Research on the information technology course teaching in middle school in Western China

Y.F. Zhang

A smart visualization system for vessel tank layout configuration

D.G. Kwon, B.K. Park, H. Tak & H.G. Chos

Study on psychology electronic teaching environment based on E-Learning of groupware technology

D.-Z. Xu

Research on the fatigue strength of self-piercing riveting by computer simulation

R.-J. Liu, J. Zhang, X. Wang & X.-W. Dang

The popularization of english education based on internet platform

M. Zhang

BIM technology application in the field of construction engineering research

Y. Peng & B.S. Ruan

Based on multiple DBMS aircraft black box data decoding technology research

Q.L. Yang, L.C. Zhang, W.B. Jiang & H.G. Liang

Artificial neural network-based boiler optimal combustion guide system and its application

H.-S. Li, Y.-J. Xia, X.-F. Mao, G. Ju & T.-F. Yu

Improvement of approach to detect sinkhole attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

F.-J. Shang, C. Li & J.-L. Qin

Application of multi-media technology on the sports website in China—a case study on Li Ning

J.M. Sun, H.T. Yang, Y. Wang & T.J. Ge

Investigation report about talent demand in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation specialty

L. Wang & K. Zhang

Numerical study on rolling characteristics of canard-controlled missile with a free-spinning tail

Z.H. Lan, Y.G. Ji, C.Y. Tian, L. Zhang & H. Mei

The challenges of social media technology to management engineering courses

H. Xie, Y. Shi, T. Liang & S. Li

Similar region search: A distribution-aware approach based on Zernike moments

C.-Q. Zhang, M. Hua & Y. Sun


Information science and education technology

The words statistical study of Tibetan network (news)

H.-Z. Yu, Z.-L. Yang & H. Cao

Research on micro deformation and vibration mechanism of stationary wave piezoelectric motor

Z.-Y. Hai, Q.-Y. Lv & D.-D. Zhang

Analysis on passive play of athletes

Y.-L. Che

The intelligent family semantic query system based on ontology model

C.F. Tang, M.D. Hu & Y.J. Li

Research on hand pressure information collection when pass, smash, blocking, mat-ball and serve

Y.-Y. Li, Z. Wan, Y.-F. Zang, H.-H. Liu & M. Shu

The PVDF-based research of air-walking foul judgment and recording during a heel-and-toe walking race

Y.-Y. Li, Z. Wan, Q. Pan, X.-C. You & M. Shu

The practical teaching system research in colleges and universities

Y. Zhao

Emergency medical aid: Wounded information collection and identification application system based on RFID technology

H. Wang & F. Wu

A model of personalized analysis on students’ learning based on big data

F.-T. Wu & Z.-J. Mou

Study on the model of legal education of undergraduate

Y.G. Jiang & M.X. Cai

The reform of higher mathematics teaching in higher vocational colleges based on the requirement of professional applications

H.-Y. Zhen

Research on the paramilitary administration in apartment with assistant counselors as a carrier—taking Shandong Transport Vocational College as an example

X.H. Ge

Discussion on three work realms of vocational college counselors

X.H. Ge

Energy-saving potential automatically detecting online and rapid energy audit smart system based on dedicated electricity users

L.F. Cheng & T. Yu

Second language vocabulary acquisition in the perspective of schema theory

Z.F. Xie

Education and teaching reform of building environment and energy application engineering

K.R. Ma, L. Jin & X. Wang

The talent mode’s exploration and practice of IT female students

X.J. Yin & L.M. Sun

Study on teaching introspection in the process of chemistry teaching

Y.-Y. Wang

A preliminary study on the teaching reform of budgetary estimate course at higher education institutions based on the Glodon Software

Z.-L. Yan

Decision analysis on personal capital investment of college students

H.-B. Li

The relationship between formative assessment and language learning strategies in art colleges

D. Jiao

Based on combination of engineering mold design and manufacture of professional practice teaching system construction and research

M.-Q. Wu & Q. Li

Exploration of teaching new solutions of graduation design based on Excellent Engineers Education Plan and the University Practical Education Sectors

J.-Y. Lu, D.-M. Wang, Z.-H. Zhao, Z.-W. Duan, J.-C. Liu & X. Liu

Responsibility of government in the construction of teacher educational practice base

Y.P. Qiu

Study on the folk games used in physical education curriculum of school

Y.-L. Li

The feasibility research on linedance integrated in university gym course

Y.-L. Li

Analyzing a new “3+1” school-enterprise cooperation training mode: A case study in software engineering

C.B. Wang & S.T. Wen

Sensitivity analysis of the transient response of the networks containing transmission lines

X.-K. Chen, Y.-J. Zhao, J.-Q. Zhao, W.-W. Cao, X. Zhou & J.-H. Yin

The simulation and analysis for economic systems based on complex network theory

L.H. Luo & J.A. Fang

A study of university stadium management optimization based on property management

Z.H. Xu

Reflection on rural online physical education curriculum platform construction in Northern Shaanxi

W.X. Li

Internet banking adoption in Nigeria: A literat re review

O. Solomon, S. Alina, W. Eta & M.A. Ajagbe

Teaching reform approaches based on MOOCs

G. Ding, N. Zhu & Y. Shen

Exploration of the education works reform on the forced isolation treatment

M.Q. Liu, D.M. Yang & J. Yang

Design of amphibious vehicle used on tidal flats

Z.-Y. Wu, C.-N. Xue & J. Qi

A case for journaling file systems

Q.H. Zhao, J.T. Jiang, F.R. Ren & Y.L. Liu

Sustainable development of extensive roof greening in Taiwan

W.-S. Ou, Y.-J. Chen, Y.-X. Lin

Curriculum development of application ability of number based on the ability standard

P. Zang

The inquiry case teaching method in engineering technology courses computer & network assisted teaching platform

J.B. Zhang, J. Liu, Z.Y. Duan & H.Y. Zhang

Study on the training pattern of talents of animation design and marking specialty

F.-F. Wu & F.-Y. Nie

The practice of interactive teaching and learning between teachers and students of programming course

X.F. Xiao & Y. Jia

Application analysis and some initial proposals of wind farms tourism in China

S.Y. Wang

Environmental experiment curriculum development based on work process—“urban secondary sewage treatment plant operation and management” courses as an example

L. Sun, Y.R. Dong & D.L. Hao

“Analytical chemistry” course in higher vocational environment major teaching reform

Y.R. Dong, D.L. Hao & L. Sun

Outcomes of group cognitive behavior therapy for polyhagia

Z.-L. He, A.-M. Zhao, Y.-Z. Ding, Z.-Z. Cai & Y.-B. Dai

On the innovative teaching methods and model for fostering applied and creative talents

Q. Wen, Y. Tian & J. Fan

Reliable facility location design under set-up cost uncertainty

W.-M. Ma & B. Li

Control design of a STATCOM-BESS for stabilization of wind farms

L.L. Sun, X.H. Zhang, Y.C. Dong & C.T. Zhao

Relation to be well dealt with in promoting the training quality of university table tennis

H.B. Wang & Z.H. Zhen

Research of hot-spot temperature of oil-immersed transformer under different load

G.L. Yue, Y.Q. Wang, H.H. Cui & H.L. Liu

The SNS simulator: An example in the development and design of educational software for teaching students the Internet safety

D.V. Stolbov & N.V. Olefirenko

A novel image compression based on the wavelet coding with the adaptive context quantization

M. Chen, L. Peng & J. Xue

Analysis of functions and measures of physical training in the prevention of basketball sports injury

T.-F. Wang & S.-W. Du

Organize constructive learning of college sports professional teaching effect

T.-F. Wang & S.-W. Du

Induction of teaching in the applied research of the professional sports teaching in colleges and universities

L. Tan & D.-M. Yang

Nanchang each female university students participate in physical exercise situation and countermeasures

L. Tan & D.-M. Yang

An application of computer in sports management of school

J.W. Han & H.J. Wang

English teaching under the guidance of innovative thinking

J. Wang & Y. Zhu

Exercises item bank design of microwave course for fostering student’s ability

Y.Y. Liang, Y.F. Meng & G.Zh. Lv

Research of “Double Subjects” teaching mode based on the digital platform

Y.Q. Shi, H. Li & Z.P. Ren

Service design blueprinting for stray animals—concept of establishing joint adoption platform for stray animals

Y.-H. Tu & W.-H. Chou

Diversified and parallel teaching model based on the ability training of computational thinking

Q.J. Zhang, X.F. Jiang, J.R. Liu & S. Jiang

Study on application of acoustic pyrometry in coal-fired boiler

S.P. Zhang, G.Q. Shen, Y. Wang, X.Q. Wang & M. Xu

Development of coupled tactual communication tool

Y. Matsuda & T. Isomura

Lean construction in the process of the implementation of standardized management performance evaluation system

J. Wang & R.-Q. Ma

Reform practices on environmental protection conspectus in local colleges and universities

L.X. Li, Z.W. Song, Y. Zhan, K.J. Luo & Y. Liu

An empirical study on influential factors for real estate enterprise core competence in Western Region

J.G. Chang, F.Z. Luo & Y.H. Han

The development of data recording function in intelligent meter with AVR MCU’s self-programming technique

Y.Z. Zhai

The application of concept map in the modern educational technology course

L. Xu & W. He

Based on the peer mutual aid “grouping” teaching method of college physics experiment teaching and research

Z.-Q. Liu

Research of cloud storage and data consistency strategies based on replica redundant technology

H.-X. Mao, K. Huang & X.-L. Shu

Positive transfer of Sichuan dialect on english pronunciation teaching

H. Yun

Developmental recommender systems for learning

D. Fu

Discussions on the relationships between musical education and the emotional creativity cultivation for P.E. majors in college

H.-Q. Qu

Heritage tourism development of the new situation intangible sports

J.-B. Tu & M.-H. Zhou

Analysis of value factors leading innovative “Land Volleyball” sports in leisure sports

M.-H. Zhou & J.-B. Tu

Research on optimization of resource distribution and scientific management of laboratories

in colleges and universities

H.-B. Lun, H.-Y. Qi & Y.-T. Zhang

The study on interaction of English class in vocational colleges based on S-T analysis method

N. Liu

Short distance transportation tools design with “problem-solving theory”

H.Y. Zhang & W.J. Hu

Analysis of industry-university-institute cooperation from network perspective—a case study of Honyar

L. Mei

Enterprise Intranet management system

C.-M. Du, C.-M. Dai & X.-J. Xu

The reformation and innovation of the course of comprehensive environmental experiments oriented by the work process

F. Liu, L.-H. Zhou & W. Jin

The study on current situation and countermeasures of developing traditional physical education of minority colleges in China

F. Wu

Discussion on personal protection in university chemical laboratory

H.-Y. Zhong

Analysis on development of retail e-commerce

J.-W. Guo & J.-J. Wang

A modified Capacitance-Resistive Model for estimating waterflood performance

W.J. Sun, H. Chen, M.H. Zhou & Z.Y. Miao

Analysis on characteristics of precipitation and runoff production on slop land at Western Yunnan Plateau in China

Z.Q. Liu

Causes and preventions about eccentric-wear of suck-rods in the polymer-flooding directional wells

L.L. Liu, Q.P. Wang, S.R. Yang, L.H. Wang & D. Xu

Discussion on metallogenic environment, mineralization and genesis of Dahongshan Iron-Copper Deposit, Yunnan

M.G. Deng, R. Xu, P. Wang, F.B. Cang, L. Zeng, C.L. Lv & W. Liu

Material flow analysis of titanium resources in China

Y.F. Zhang, G.S. Wang, Q.S. Chen & Y.S. Zhou

Optimal short-term hydrothermal scheduling based on harmony search algorithm

P. Ren & N. Li

Study on dynamical behavior of Sturmian System

L.H. Sun, E.L. Zhao & C.T. Wang

The equation establishment for early selection of excellent Paulownia clones based on Richards function curve

W. Meng, C.W. Yang, X. Xia, Y. Luo, W. Duan & B.P. Wang

Study on the teaching methods of engineering college physics and experiments

Z.Q. Xu & K.G. Qian

Empirical study on the self-management of higher vocational college students

X.Y. Zhang

Study on the construction of the quality assurance system of bilingual teaching

Q. Xiong, Q. Han, W. Zhou & J. Peng

How the humanities influence on the college students’ engineering quality

J.Q. Zhao & D.X. Geng

Analysis and discussion of cultural landscape for college campus

Y.-N. Zheng & F. Jiang

The discussions on the standardization of the Tibetan text

B.J. La, H.Z. Yu & R. Dou

Composition and function of the digital micro-teaching system

G.Q. La & Y. Wang

New democratic revolution period individual educational function of revolution music

D. Cheng

Aerobics exploratory stage performances and design from the CCTV spring festival evening aerobics program perspective

A.H. Zhang

The visual entertainment design based on IM micro emoticons

M.J. Yu

An ERP study on the cognitive relation of Tibetan trilingual

A.X. Hu, X. Bai & T.N. Gegen

A cognitive study on Tibetan-Chinese-English lexical processing of Tibetan undergraduates

X. Bai, A.X. Hu & T.N. Gegen

Study on cognitive processing of Tibetan-English-Chinese trilingual based on speech

H.Z. Yu, X. Bai, A.X. Hu & N. Ma

Ecological tangible metaphor: How to create serene experience in information display

B. Li, F.T. Ying, X.L. Zhao & W.Q. Ying

Strategies of English translation teaching

Y. Zhu & J. Wang

Variable-slope sampling ADC for compressive sensing

X.J. Li, D.M. Li & S.F. Liang

Exploration on multimedia teaching mode of university English teaching

Y.-L. Wu

The level of education technology competence for teacher in vocational college

C.X. Wang & Q.L. Zhan

The mathematical model of plant diseases and insect pests and the relationship between the crop growth

Q. Zhang

The research of MIS construction mode for coal enterprise based on people collaboration

Y.-F. Fang

The analysis of forced oscillation and weak damping oscillation

M.-J. Lv

Research on a new method of unbalanced traffic demand forecasting

C.-B. Li, M. Li, R.-X. Guo & J.-C. Wang

The analysis of the urban agglomeration traffic supply and demand

C.-B. Li, Y. Zhang, M. Li & X.-L. Li

Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm in the power system reactive power optimization

K. Wang

Application of university technology transfer readiness levels

W. Liu & J. Zhang

IT offshore outsourcing: Development and countermeasures

M.M. Hu & S. Xu

A study on combination of occupational and educational characteristics of vocational education in teaching reform of basic commonality curriculum

Y.-G. Fan

Function of college physical education in quality-oriented education and ways of implementing

W.-X. Gao

Factors influencing users’ knowledge sharing in enterprise-hosted open innovation communities: The perspective of grounded theory

L.-H. Chen & M. Qin

The evaluation index system of Geographic Information System in the teaching quality and safety for field practice

X.-H. Xu, J. Chen & J.-S. Xia

The primary discussion of GIS specialty field teaching

X.-H. Xu, Y.-R. Fu & S.-C. Tan

Cultivate the students’ innovative ability with competition

G.-J. Fu, H.-W. Mu, J.-Y. Wang, S. Ren, G.-B. Tao & Y.-B. Duan

The grain size analysis of Upper Ganchaigou group in Qaidam Basin

R. Tang, Y.-B. He, J. Tang, Y. Zhang, C. Liao & J.-L. Wei

Practical teaching exploration on cultivating applied electromechanical engineering talents

C.H. Pan & H.Y. Wang

The simulation and analysis of background noise effect on inter-satellite link

J. Gao, Y.-Y. Zhang & W.-D. Liang

Research on key technology of uplink arraying for deep space exploration

Y.-Q. Li & X.-M. Zhang

Graduates in the job causes and countermeasures

B. Liu & H. Chen

Study on teachers’ practical knowledge ability of job-oriented education

X.-L. Gu

Some thoughts on improving the professional education teachers structure

E.-B. Fu

Studying on strengthening technology of automotive safety technology

and improving vehicle safety

E.-B. Fu

Discussion on environmental education of college students

H.-Y. Qi, Y.-X. Liu & S.-G. Geng

Research on current situation and influence factors of college students’ sports lifestyle

Z.-X. Zhang, Q.-S. Yu & J.-Y. Wu

Construction of English-learning pattern for art-and-PE students

X. Zhao

Students’ emotion recognition from microblog

B. Sun, J.B. Chen & Y.N. Liu

WebQuest English teaching model

L.J. Diao

On methods of cultivating applied translation talents

L.J. Diao

Structural mechanics teaching experience and discussions on improving

the teaching methods

Y.E. Hao & B.L. Cui

The CET online permission ticket printing system of Zunyi medical university

Y. Sima & X. Zeng

Design and development of orienteering teaching aided platform based on embedded system

R. Ni

Research on anti-printing technology to scan in drawings

Y.-H. He

Study on the promotion of information level of archives in higher occupation colleges

F.-L. Zhang

Teaching design of “discrete mathematics” for information security in police colleges

J.-Y. Xiong

How can beginners grasp the tennis forehand and backhand batting techniques more quickly

X.W. Sun

The relationship between Facebook use and psychological well-being: An example of Taiwan college students

W.-H. Hsu, S.-C. Yu, M.-N. Yu, W.-P. Lan & L.-C. Shie

Study on independent learning model foreign language based on multimedia network

Y.-C. Chen

Research the Internet platform for the new way of psychology education

D.-Z. Xu

Research on teaching methods of Modern dance to college students based on digital multimedia technology

Y.-Y. Gao

Research on fatigue failure mechanism and fatigue life model of the Self-Piercing Riveting

R.-J. Liu, X. Wang & X.-W. Dang

The government’s public information management and service based internet ages

Y. Luo

Design Internet-based distance learning platform for ideological & political education about kindergarten teachers

Y.-J. Gao

Research on the virtual economy prediction of stability and security based on information processing

X.-Z. Ma

Research on the change trend of civil and commercial law in socio-economic management

L.-P. Wang

Network-based distance management platform based on QQ group for ideological and political education

L.-X. Zhang

Virtual trading assessment techniques based on China’s foreign exchange reserves data

Y.-N. Cheng

Network communication for volunteer position management of sports events

S.-Y. Liu

Study on ideological and political education of college students based on Internet

L. Wu

Teaching reform of fundament of mechanical design for material forming & control engineering specialty

L. Wang, K. Zhang & X.R. Lv

Newly-founded undergraduate college academic journals’ scientific orientation and way of reform

Y.-X. Liu

Strengthening journal construction of higher institution to improve Qinhuangdao City’s soft cultural power

Y.-X. Liu & H.-Y. Qi

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