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Concepts for Critical Psychology: Disciplinary Boundaries Re-thought

About the Series

Developments inside psychology that question the history of the discipline and the way it functions in society have led many psychologists to look outside the discipline for new ideas. This series draws on cutting edge critiques from just outside psychology in order to complement and question critical arguments emerging inside. The authors provide new perspectives on subjectivity from disciplinary debates and cultural phenomena adjacent to traditional studies of the individual.

The books in the series are useful for advanced level undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and lecturers in psychology and other related disciplines such as cultural studies, geography, literary theory, philosophy, psychotherapy, social work and sociology.

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Food Charity and the Psychologisation of Poverty Foucault in the Food Bank

Food Charity and the Psychologisation of Poverty: Foucault in the Food Bank

1st Edition


By Christian Möller
December 28, 2021

This book offers a unique discursive perspective on the rapid rise of food charity and how food poverty has emerged as a symptom of deeper problems requiring psychological intervention. Christian Möller explores how new anti-poverty programmes and advice cultures are psychologising poverty by ...

The Psychologisation of Eastern Spiritual Traditions Colonisation, Translation and Commodification

The Psychologisation of Eastern Spiritual Traditions: Colonisation, Translation and Commodification

1st Edition

By Elliot Cohen
September 30, 2021

This essential book critically examines the various ways in which Eastern spiritual traditions have been typically stripped of their spiritual roots, content and context, to be more readily assimilated into secular Western frames of Psychology. Beginning with the colonial histories of Empire, the ...

The Event of Psychopoetics Imagination and the Rupture of Psychology

The Event of Psychopoetics: Imagination and the Rupture of Psychology

1st Edition

By Raúl García
August 31, 2021

The Event of Psychopoetics overviews and investigates the notion of psychopoetics, a sociopsychological event that involves re-creative slips and that emerges under certain cultural conditions and power relations in the context of everyday interaction and through certain modes of dialoguing and ...

Radio Activism Breaking the Silence and Empowering Women

Radio Activism: Breaking the Silence and Empowering Women

1st Edition

By Annette Rimmer
July 27, 2021

This unique book draws on the narratives of women participants in community radio, using intersectionality, feminist, critical psychological and community development frameworks to explore how this highly symbolic, creative dimension of activism can unmute marginalised women and enrich corporate ...

Internet Addiction A Critical Psychology of Users

Internet Addiction: A Critical Psychology of Users

1st Edition

By Emaline Friedman
December 31, 2020

This essential book questions the psychological construct of Internet Addiction by contextualizing it within the digital technological era. It proposes a critical psychology that investigates user subjectivity as a function of capitalism and imperialism, arguing against punitive models of ...

Decentering Subjectivity in Everyday Eating and Drinking Digesting Reality

Decentering Subjectivity in Everyday Eating and Drinking: Digesting Reality

1st Edition

By Ali Lara
November 03, 2020

This important book offers a model to analyze the configurations of reality as manifested in everyday practices of eating and drinking in relation to the development of human subjectivity. The author uses concrete examples from daily life related to eating and drinking habits such as "...

Cybernetic Psychology and Mental Health A Circular Logic Of Control Beyond The Individual

Cybernetic Psychology and Mental Health: A Circular Logic Of Control Beyond The Individual

1st Edition

By Timothy J. Beck
June 29, 2020

This book explores the cultural importance of cybernetic technologies and their relationship to human experience through a critical theoretical lens. Bringing several often-marginalized histories of cybernetics, psychology, and mental health into dialogue with one another, Beck questions common ...

Psychology, Humour and Class A Critique of Contemporary Psychology

Psychology, Humour and Class: A Critique of Contemporary Psychology

1st Edition

By Babak Fozooni
April 07, 2020

This challenging book critically examines three forms of contemporary psychology, all displaying various signs of crisis, through analogy with humour associated with three different class perspectives: mainstream psychology; critical psychology; and postpsychology. By fusing the best of the three ...

Anthropocene Psychology Being Human in a More-than-Human World

Anthropocene Psychology: Being Human in a More-than-Human World

1st Edition

By Matthew Adams
February 04, 2020

This ground-breaking book critically extends the psychological project, seeking to investigate the relations between human and more-than-human worlds against the backdrop of the Anthropocene by emphasising the significance of encounter, interaction and relationships. Interdisciplinary environmental...

Narrative Psychology and Vygotsky in Dialogue Changing Subjects

Narrative Psychology and Vygotsky in Dialogue: Changing Subjects

1st Edition

By Jill Bradbury
September 25, 2019

This book draws together two domains of psychological theory, Vygotsky’s cultural-historical theory of cognition and narrative theories of identity, to offer a way of rethinking the human subject as embodied, relational and temporal. A dialogue between these two ostensibly disparate and contested ...

Madness and Subjectivity A Cross-Cultural Examination of Psychosis in the West and India

Madness and Subjectivity: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Psychosis in the West and India

1st Edition

By Ayurdhi Dhar
August 27, 2019

This crucial new work draws on empirical findings from rural North India in relation to madness and subjectivity, revealing the different structures of subjectivity underlying the narratives of schizophrenia, spirits, ghosts, and deities. Unravelling the loose ends of madness, the author explores ...

Decolonial Psychoanalysis Towards Critical Islamophobia Studies

Decolonial Psychoanalysis: Towards Critical Islamophobia Studies

1st Edition

By Robert Beshara
March 19, 2019

In this provocative and necessary book, Robert K. Beshara uses psychoanalytic discursive analysis to explore the possibility of a genuinely anti-colonial critical psychology. Drawing on postcolonial and decolonial approaches to Islamophobia, this book enhances understandings of Critical Border ...

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