1st Edition

Conducting Polymers for Advanced Energy Applications

Edited By Ram K. Gupta Copyright 2022
    435 Pages 218 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    This book details the use of conducting polymers and their composites in supercapacitors, batteries, photovoltaics, and fuel cells, nearly covering the entire spectrum of energy area under one title. Conducting Polymers for Advanced Energy Applications covers a range of advanced materials based on conducting polymers, the fundamentals, and the chemistry behind these materials for energy applications.


    • Covers materials, chemistry, various synthesis approaches, and the properties of conducting polymers and their composites
    • Discusses commercialization and markets and elaborates on advanced applications
    • Presents an overview and the advantages of using conducting polymers and their composites for advanced energy applications
    • Describes a variety of nanocomposites, including metal oxides, chalcogenides, graphene, and materials beyond graphene
    • Offers the fundamentals of electrochemical behavior

    This book provides a new direction for scientists, researchers, and students in materials science and polymer chemistry who seek to better understand the chemistry behind conducting polymers and improve their performance for use in advanced energy applications.

    1. Introduction: Conductive Polymers from the Nobel Prize to Industrial Applications

    György Bánhegyi

    2. Materials and Chemistry of Conducting Polymers

    Kalpana Madgula, Shruthy D. Pattathil, Venkata Sreenivas Puli, and Abbaraju Venkataraman

    3. Conducting Polymers for Supercapacitors

    Deepak P. Dubal, Xuecheng Chen, Yuping Wu, and Rudolf Holze

    4. Supercapacitors Based on Nanocomposites of Conducting Polymers and Metal Oxides

    Anil M. Palve, Ajay Lathe, and Ram K. Gupta

    5. Nanocomposites of Conducting Polymers and 2D Materials for Supercapacitors

    U.N. Mohamed Shahid and Suddhasatwa Basu

    6. Conducting Polymer-Based Flexible Supercapacitors

    Kwadwo Mensah-Darkwa, Frank Ofori Agyemang, Daniel Nframah Ampong, Felipe M. de Souza, and Ram K. Gupta

    7. Nanofibers of Conducting Polymers for Energy Applications

    Ajitha A.R., Akhina H., and Sandhya P.K.

    8. Conducting Polymers for Organic Solar Cell Applications

    Vinod Kumar, Leta Tesfaye Jule, and Krishnaraj Ramaswamy

    9. Hybrid Conducting Polymers for High-Performance Solar Cells

    Kelsey Thompson, Muhammad Rizwan Sulaiman, and Ram K. Gupta

    10. Nanocomposites Based on Conducting Polymers and Metal Sulfides for Solar Cell Applications

    Shikha Chander, Kalpana Madgula, Venkata Sreenivas Puli, and Meenu Mangal

    11. Thin Films of Conducting Polymers for Photovoltaics

    Rijith S, Sarika S, and Sumi V.S.

    12. Application of 2D Materials in Conducting Polymers for High Capacity Batteries

    Muhammad Rizwan Sulaiman, Shrestha Tyagi, Manohar Singh, Beer Pal Singh, R.K. Soni, Rahul Singhal, and Ram K. Gupta

    13. Conducting Polymers in Batteries

    Arunima Reghunadhan, Jiji Abraham, Malavika S., Hema P., Sreedha Sambhudevan, and Sabu Thomas

    14. The Role of Chalcogenide in Conducting Polymers for Enhanced Battery Performance

    Nobel Tomar, Deepti Rawat, Parmod Kumar, and Rahul Singhal

    15. Conducting Polymers for Flexible Devices

    Amir Ershad Langroudi and Hamidreza Parsimehr

    16. Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites for Flexible Devices

    Momath Lo, Modou Fall, Mohamed Lamine Sall, Diariatou Gningue-Sall, Amadou Bélal Guèye, Hanna J. Maria, and Sabu Thomas

    17. Conducting Polymers for Electrocatalysts

    Saranya Narayanasamy and Jayapriya Jayaprakash

    18. Conducting Polymer-Based Microbial Fuel Cells

    Charles Oluwaseun Adetunji, John Tsado Mathew, Kshitij RB Singh, Abel Inobeme, Olugbemi T. Olaniyan, Vanya Nayak, Jay Singh, and Ravindra Pratap Singh

    19. Conducting Polymers as Membrane for Fuel Cells

    Anuj Kumar, Vinod Kumar Vashistha, Ghulam Yasin, and Dipak Kumar Das

    20. Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(zwitterionic) Structures for Energy Conversion and Storage

    Adrian Olejnik, Katarzyna Grochowska, and Katarzyna Siuzdak

    21. High Performance Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites for EMI Shielding Applications

    Avinash R. Pai, Gopika G. Nair, Preema C. Thomas, and Sabu Thomas

    22. Challenges and Future Lookout of Conductive Polymers

    Hamidreza Parsimehr and Amir Ershad Langroudi


    Dr. Ram K. Gupta is Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Pittsburg State University. Dr. Gupta’s research focuses on green energy production and storage using conducting polymers and composites, electrocatalysts for fuel cells, nanomaterials, optoelectronics and photovoltaics devices, organic-inorganic heterojunctions for sensors, nanomagnetism, biobased polymers, biocompatible nanofibers for tissue regeneration, scaffold and antibacterial applications, and biodegradable metallic implants. Dr. Gupta has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles, given over 275 national/international/ regional presentations, chaired many sessions at national/international meetings, wrote several book chapters, and received over $2 million for research and educational activities from external agencies. He serves as associate editor, guest editor, and editorial board member for various journals.