1st Edition

Conference Interpreting in China Practice, Training and Research

Edited By Riccardo Moratto, Irene A. Zhang Copyright 2023
    306 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In this landmark project, Moratto and Zhang evaluate how conference interpreting developed as a profession in China, and the directions in which it is heading.

    Bringing together perspectives from leading researchers in the field, Moratto and Zhang present a thematically organized analysis of the trajectory of professional conference interpreting in China. This includes discussion of the pedagogies used both currently and historically, the professionalization of interpreter education, and future prospects for virtual reality, multimodal conferences, and artificial intelligence. Taken as a whole, the contributors present a rich and detailed picture of the development of conference interpreting in China since 1979, its status today, and how it is likely to develop in the coming decades.

    An essential resource for scholars and students of conference interpreting in China, alongside its sister volume, The Pioneers of Chinese Interpreting: Insiders’ Accounts on the Rise of a Profession.


    Part 1 Professionalization of Conference Interpreting in China

    1 Professionalization of conference interpreting in China: implications from research and publications

    Cheng Zhan and Han Zhang

    2 UNTPIT as a forerunner of OBE model for conference interpreter training in China

    Yuben Zhu and Wen Ren

    3 The professionalization of interpreting and professional interpreter education in the Chinese mainland

    Lei Mu and Xinyuan Liu

    4 Embarking upon careers with a diploma in conference interpreting: graduates’ motivations and self-perceived employability

    Bin Gao and Zhuxuan Zhao

    5 How are they invisibly present? Conference interpreters’ role perception

    Wei Zhang and Yu Gao

    6 Problem-based Learning (PBL) in conference interpreting pedagogy: a holistic approach

    Yi Liu and Dechao Li

    7 Exploring the identity and crisis of interpreting teachers in China: a case study of a private college in Zhejiang province

    Jiqing Dong and Yihui Chen

    8 Investigating the differences between native and non-native English speakers in assessing Chinese-to-English interpretation

    Xiaoqi Shang

    Part 2 Professional practice and future trends

    9 Exploring standards of interpreting services in China (2006-2021): history and prospects

    Jie Xing and Yinghua He

    10 Interpreting in Macao: practice, training and research

    Yiqiang Chen, Victoria Lai Cheng Lei, and Defeng Li

    11 Interpreter training in Xinjiang: challenges and solutions

    Bin Zou and Xiaoyan Li

    12 Problems in MTI conference interpreting education in Gansu, Qinghai, and Ningxia and suggested solutions

    Xuejie Bai

    13 Interpreting technologies in the artificial intelligence era

    Huashu Wang, Zhi Li, and Chengshu Yang

    14 Multimodal videoconference interpreting: technical challenges and opportunities

    Jie Lü and Xiaojun Zhang

    15 Interpreting training and research in virtual reality: the Chinese experience

    Yu Jiang and Hui Jia


    Riccardo Moratto is Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies at the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation, Shanghai International Studies University.

    Irene A. Zhang is Professor and Dean of the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation, Shanghai International Studies University.