Connecting Inquiry and Professional Learning in Education : International Perspectives and Practical Solutions book cover
1st Edition

Connecting Inquiry and Professional Learning in Education
International Perspectives and Practical Solutions

ISBN 9780415478137
Published August 17, 2009 by Routledge
224 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

How might inquiry enhance the professional practice of student and practising teachers, teacher educators and other practitioners? What effect might this have on the learning of young people in and outside of the classroom?

Based on the findings of an international colloquium and drawing upon a range of practices from the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, this book is designed to make explicit the connections between Practitioner Inquiry and Teacher Professional Learning in Initial Teacher Education and Ongoing Teacher Professional Development.

Considering issues such as

  • the relationship between practitioner inquiry and pedagogical content knowledge
  • whether it is possible to scale up from small local and intensive innovations to more broadly-based inquiry
  • inquiry’s role in professional identity, both individual and communal
  • prevailing socio-political contexts and consequences for social policy formation.

It brings together writers who work in designing teacher education courses, and those who are practice-based researchers and policy makers. Crucially, many of these writers inhabit both spheres, and their accounts of how they successfully combine their multiple roles will prove vital reading for all those involved in examining and improving practice leading to enhanced teacher professional learning.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction, Anne Campbell, Leeds Metropolitan University and Susan Groundwater-Smith, University of Sydney  PART 1: RE-DESIGNING TEACHER EDUCATION AS INQUIRY BASED PRACTICE  2. New Directions in Teacher Education, Kay Livingston, University of Glasgow  3. Making the Conditions for Learning: Praxis Inquiry and Assessment in Teacher Education, Anne Davies, Victoria University  4. Learning by Doing: A Year of Teacher Research, Alexandra Miletta, The City College of New York, City University of New York  PART 2: THE PLACE OF PARTNERSHIPS IN ONGOING TEACHER PROFESSIONAL LEARNING  5. Networks of researching schools: lessons and questions from one study, Colleen McLaughlin, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education  6. From Lesson Study to Learning Study: Side-by-Side Professional Learning in the Classroom, Nicole Mockler and Susan Groundwater-Smith University of Sydney.  7. A Case Study of Partnership, Lori Beckett, Leeds Metropolitan University & Jill Wood, Little London Community School  PART 3: IMPACTS ON TEACHER EDUCATORS AND TEACHER EDUCATION  8. Academic induction for new teacher educators: forging authentic research identities through practitioner inquiry, Jean Murray, University of East London  9. The facilitation of communication in action research as praxis, Petra Ponte, Leiden University, the Netherlands. Co-authors will be: Jan Ax (University of Amsterdam), Douwe Beijaard (University Eindhoven) and Theo Wubbels (Utrecht University)  10. Teacher researchers in Scotland: what are their needs? Ian Menter and Moira Hulme, University of Glasgow  PART 4: POLICY AND PRACTICE CHALLENGES  11. Reconceptualizing curriculum: official texts and practitioner inquiry in the New Brunswick context, Pam Nason, University of Brunswick  12. ‘Insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ researching together to create new understandings and to shape policy and practice – is it all possible? Pat Broadhead. Leeds Metropolitan University  13. What specialists do to facilitate and inform professional learning, Philippa Cordingley, Centre for the Use of Research Evidence in Education (CUREE)  PART 5: CAUTIONS AND CONCLUSIONS  14. Mapping the field of practitioner research, inquiry and professional learning in educational contexts: a review, Anne Campbell Leeds Metropolitan University and Olwen McNamara Manchester Metropolitan University  15. The Place of Research in Schools and Teachers’ Work: schools as learning communities, Bob Lingard, University of Edinburgh  16. Learning Across Boundaries: Developing Trans-professional Understanding through Practitioner Enquiry, Rob Hulme University of Chester  17. Joining the dots – connecting inquiry and professional learning, Susan Groundwater-Smith, University of Sydney & Anne Campbell, Leeds Metropolitan University

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Anne Campbell is Professor of Professional Learning in the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

 Susan Groundwater-Smith is an Honorary Professor of Education in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Australia, and leads the Coalition of Knowledge Building School.


"This is a most impressive proposal for what could be an impressive book, edited by two authors whose reputations are well established and whose work is well respected in the educational research community. The book has the feel of a handbook, providing wide coverage of a range of issues. My only reservation is that the coverage might be too wide. By the time I completed my reading of the chapter synopses I was beginning to feel an overload, but that may be because of the compressed nature of a text written as a proposal. The authors/editors would need to exercise caution in ensuring that the chapters are linked thematically, and to provide appropriate contextualisations and pedagogical devices to keep the reader oriented and focused.

Market in the UK:

I think there would be a significant take-up for the book in the UK, given, as the authors point out, that undergraduate and PGCE courses now require M level credits. One of the attractions of the book is that it covers and links issues of policy and practice, as well as theory and practice, so most people would find something to address the many problematics that are arising because of these reforms.

Market in the US:

This is more debatable, given US policies that largely enforce uniformity in pedagogy and curriculum. However, the book offers visions of hope to practitioners across the sectors that they can realise their capacity as educational activists, provided they equip themselves intellectually to engage with the challenges, and this book is a great resource for that service.

Market elsewhere:

There would be a significant market for the book in the contexts identified in the proposal, such as Australia and Central Europe. If the book realises its potentials to act as a pedagogical text, and not simply a book of case studies and issues, it will provide inspiration for teachers and professional educators everywhere to create partnerships and show the dynamic relationships between theory, practice and policy.

If the book is intended for the student market, how would you expect it to be used (e.g. indicate whether main text, recommended reading, library only). Please list courses:

It would be used on Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development courses in teacher education, and also probably in related professions – health and social care, the social and public services. I see it being used selectively as a main text, and more likely as a supplementary reading text.


What would you consider to be a reasonable price for the book?

Given its volume it would probably be about £30, but may be more. This is one of the reasons for my previous comment about its use. I do not see students spending money on a hefty book as a main text, though a group may purchase it as a supplementary text.


Is the author a recognised authority in this field?

Yes, both are held in high esteem, as are the contributing authors. It’s a galaxy of stars!

Do you recommend that we should publish this book?

Yes, it would be an asset and would probably sell vigorously and, in some contexts, become a best seller. It would definitely become a favourite book on recommended reading lists and feature high in citation indexes.

Jean McNiff, author and educational consultant