1st Edition

Construction Supply Chain Management Handbook

    518 Pages 126 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Mounting emphasis on construction supply chain management (CSCM) is due to both global sourcing of materials and a shortage of labor. These factors force increasing amounts of value-added work to be conducted off-site deep in the supply chain. Construction Supply Chain Management Handbook compiles in one comprehensive source an overview of the diverse research and examples of construction supply chain practice around the world.

    Reflecting the emergence of CSCM as an important area of multi-national research and practice, this volume takes an interdisciplinary perspective with contributions from leading international authors in three major areas: production and operations analysis, organizational perspectives, and information technology. The book begins with a survey of the current literature on modeling construction supply chain production and describes a set of approaches and methods for designing and operating project supply chains with references to design and materials production. It provides the basic framework for understanding the challenges and approaches to representing and improving supply chain performance.

    The next section recognizes the importance of considering arrangements between the different firms involved in designing, procuring, and assembling construction, and reviews various perspectives to understanding and improving organizational issues in the supply chain. The final section provides an overview of a range of information technologies that can contribute to supply chain performance, as well as examples of effective use.

    The organization and sourcing of materials is increasingly complex across the global construction industry. Construction clients are demanding faster, more responsive construction processes and higher quality facilities. This volume provides an invaluable resource to understanding the implications of supply chain management, which is sure to result in more effective construction project execution.


    W.J. O’Brien, C.T. Formoso, K.A. London, and R. Vrijhoef

    I. Production and Operations Analysis

    Construction Supply Chain Modeling: Issues and Perspectives

    M. Azambuja and W.J. O’Brien

    Production Planning and Control and the Coordination of Project Supply Chains

    C.T. Formoso and E.L. Isatto

    Supply Chain Management in Product Development

    P. Tzortzopoulos, M. Kagioglou, R. Cooper, and E. Dyson

    Collaboration and Communication in the Design Chain: A Value-Based Approach

    S. Emmitt and A.K. Christoffersen

    Supply Chain Management for Lean Project Delivery

    I.D. Tommelein, G. Ballard, and P. Kaminsky

    Application of Integrated Materials Management Strategies

    R.J. Arbulu

    Production System Instability and Subcontracted Labor

    R. Sacks

    Understanding Supply Chain Dynamics Via Simulation

    S. Strohheckern (nee Hong-Minh), S.M. Disney, and

    M. M. Naim

    Commentary I

    G. Ballard

    II Organizational Perspectives

    Review of Organizational Approaches to the Construction Supply Chain

    R. Vrijhoef and K.A. London

    Construction Supply Chain and the Time Compression Paradigm

    D.R. Towill

    Strategic Management of Construction Procurement

    A. Cox

    Industrial Organization Object-Oriented Project Model of the Facade Supply Chain Cluster

    K.A. London

    Innovation Management in the Construction Supply Chain

    B.A.G. Bossink and R. Vrijhoef

    Commentary II

    W. Hughes

    III. Information Technology

    Overview of IT Applications in the Construction Supply Chain

    K. Vaidyanathan

    Field Technologies and Their Impact on Management of Supply Chains

    S. Kiziltas, B. Akinci, E. Ergen, P. Tang, and A. Pradhan

    Benefits of Using E-Marketplace in Construction Companies: A Case Study

    L.F. Alarcon, S. Maturana, and I. Schonherr

    Standards-Based Approaches to Interoperability in Supply Chain Management: Overview and Case Study Using the ISO 18629 PSL Standard

    A.F. Cutting-Decelle, R.I. Young, B.P. Das, C.J. Anumba, and J. Stal-Le Cardinal

    Lean Enterprise Web-Based Information System for Supply Chain Integration: Design and Prototyping

    N. Dawood

    Commentary III

    R. H.F. Jackson

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    William J. O'Brien, Carlos T. Formoso, Vrijhoef Ruben, Kerry London