1st Edition

Supply Chain Networks and Business Process Orientation Advanced Strategies and Best Practices

    240 Pages 55 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    With future competitive landscape shifting from competition between companies themselves to trading partner networks, understanding and mastering process design and change is becoming more critical than ever. In order to succeed, companies are starting to weave their key business processes into hard-to-imitate strategic capabilities that distinguish them from their competitors. Supply Chain Networks and Business Process Orientation: Advanced Strategies and Best Practices will help you "connect the dots" by offering insights on how to achieve greater integration within your supply chain networks and realize the performance possible with today's interaction economics.

    Based on exhaustive research of supply chains and newly successful networked corporations in the US and Europe, the authors demonstrate how your company can be successful in building an effective supply chain network. Prescriptive benchmarking models illustrate proven strategies, tactics, and methods for achieving a superior level of supply chain performance.

    An Overview of Business Process Orientation (BPO) and the e-Corporation
    BPO and the Supply Chain
    The Concept of Supply Chain Management
    The Extended Supply Chain - Results from Statistical Studies
    Supply Chain Opportunities in the Networked Economy
    Best Practice Components of a Networked Supply Chain
    The Challenges of Building a Networked Supply Chain
    Envisioning the Future if Networked Supply Chains


    Kevin P. McCormack, William C. Johnson

    "The authors have developed a focused, rigorous methodology for assessing supply chain processes and identifying the path forward for establishing specific performance improvements. Managers from many different functions can benefit from reading this book and applying the lessons to their own supply chain business processes."
    -Robert Handfield, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management
    Director, Supply Chain Resource Consortium, College of Management, North Carolina State University

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