1st Edition

Consumer Social Values

Edited By Eda Gurel-Atay, Lynn R. Kahle Copyright 2019
    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    Social values are central to people’s lives, guiding behaviors, and judgments, and defining who we are. This book advances understanding of consumer social values and their roles in the global marketplace by refining and directing existing knowledge of consumer behaviors.

    With a diverse set of contributors from different parts of the world, this engaging collection provides a unique examination of social values through cross-cultural research. It incorporates input from researchers with varying academic backgrounds from marketing to psychology and philosophy, and also focuses on a range of methodological approaches including surveys, ethnography, interviews, semantic analysis, and neuroscience. The book introduces innovative concepts and provides comprehensive coverage of several specialized areas, to offer an important contribution to values research and discussion. Key topics include values and choice; means-end chains; relations among goals; motives; religion and personality; value measurement and values related to specific services and industries.

    Consumer Social Values is an essential resource for scholars, students, and practitioners of consumer psychology and marketing communications.

    SECTION I Key Issues in Social and Cultural Values

    1. Introduction: Advances in Social and Cultural Values: Implications for Communications and Consumer Researchers
    2. Eda Gurel-Atay and Lynn R. Kahle

    3. Strategic Marketing Imperatives and Insights: Common Pitfalls and Solutions
    4. Thomas J. Reynolds

      SECTION II Specific Applications of Values Research and Theory

    5. Self-Sufficiency & Materialism: Scale Development & Its Implications
    6. Yupin Patara and Nicha Tanskul

    7. "I" Value Contrast, but "We" Appreciate Harmony: Self-Construal Reflects Cultural Differences in Response to Visual Design
      Kristina Haberstroh and Ulrich R. Orth
    8. Subcultural Ethos: The Dynamic Reconfiguration of Mainstream Consumer Values
    9. Emre Ulusoy and Paul G. Barretta

    10. Handmade: How Indie Girl Culture is Changing the Market
    11. Rachel Larsen and Lynn R. Kahle

    12. Understanding the Voter Decision Trade-off Analysis as a Foundation for Developing More Predictive Polling Methodologies
    13. Thomas J. Reynolds

    14. Money Attitudes and Social Values: A Research Program and Agenda
    15. Gregory M. Rose, Altaf Merchant, Mei Rose, Aysen Bakir, and Drew Martin

    16. Social Media and Values
    17. Christopher Lee and Lynn R. Kahle

      SECTION III Spiritual Aspects of Values

    18. Meditation and Consumption
    19. Nicha Tanskul and Yupin Patara

    20. Religion: The New Individual Difference Variable and Its Relationship to Core Values
    21. Elizabeth Minton and Lynn Kahle

      SECTION IV Methodological Approaches

    22. Mapping Human Values: Enhancing Social Marketing through Obituary Data-Mining
    23. Mark Alfano, Andrew Higgins, and Jacob Levernier

    24. Apple’s Religious Value: A Consumer Neuroscience Perspective
    25. Yi-Chia Wu

    26. Country-to-Animal-to-Brand-to-Consequences Unaided Evocations: Uncovering consumer-brand DNA using zoomorphic metaphor elicitation
    27. Drew Martin, Nitha Palakshappa, and Arch Woodside

    28. A Comparing and Contrasting of the List of Values and the Schwartz Value Scale

    Eda Gurel-Atay, Lynn R. Kahle, Jorge Lengler, and C. H. Kim


    Eda Gurel-Atay (PhD, University of Oregon) is an independent scholar conducting academic research on consumer values, materialism, sustainability, consumer well-being, and celebrity endorsements.


    Lynn R. Kahle is Professor at Pace University in New York and Professor Emeritus of Business at the University of Oregon. He serves on American Psychological Association Council of Representatives.