1st Edition

Contemporary Consumption Rituals A Research Anthology

Edited By Cele C. Otnes, Tina M. Lowrey Copyright 2004
    358 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    360 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Bringing together scholars in consumer behavior, history, anthropology, religious studies, sociology, and communication, this is the first interdisciplinary anthology spanning the topic of ritual studies. It offers a multifaceted exploration of new rituals, such as Celebrating Kwanzaa, and of the ways entrenched rituals, such as Mardi Gras, gift giving, and weddings have changed. Moreover, it examines the influence of both cultures and subcultures, and will enhance our understanding of why and how consumers imbue goods and services with meaning during rituals.

    In this volume, the first in the Marketing and Consumer Psychology series:

    • a religious studies scholar talks about the media representation of ritual;
    • communication scholars discuss the transformational aspects of rituals surrounding alcohol consumption;
    • a marketing scholar demonstrates the relevance of organizational behavior theory to understanding gift-giving rituals in the workplace; and
    • a historian describes how the marketing of Kwanzaa was so integral to its successful adoption.

    Contents: C.P. Haugtvedt, Series Foreword. Contributor Biographies. C.C. Otnes, T.M. Lowrey, Preface. Part I: Consumer Rituals and the Media. J.M. Wolburg, D. Treise, Drinking Rituals Among the Heaviest Drinkers: College Student Binge Drinkers and Alcoholics. R.L. Grimes, Consuming Ritual: A&E's Sacred Rites and Rituals. Part II: Holidays and Consumption. W. Shrum, Ceremonial Disrobement and Moral Choice: Consumption Rituals at Mardi Gras. E.H. Pleck, Kwanzaa: The Making of a Black Nationalist Tradition, 1966-1990. M.A. McGrath, The Evolution, Transformation, and Demise of a Ritual: The Case of May Day. T.M. Lowrey, C.C. Otnes, Consumer Fairy Tales of the Perfect Christmas: Villains and Other Dramatis Personae. Part III: Wedding Rituals Across Cultures. M.R. Nelson, S. Deshpande, Love Without Borders: An Examination of Cross-Cultural Wedding Rituals. O. Sandicki, B.E. Ilhan, Dowry: A Cherished Possession or an Old-Fashioned Tradition in a Modernizing Society? Part IV: Gift Exchange. J.A. Ruth, Gift Exchange Rituals in the Workplace: A Social Roles Interpretation. D.B. Wooten, S.L. Wood, In the Spotlight: The Drama of Gift Reception. C.F. Curasi, E.J. Arnould, L.L. Price, Ritual Desire and Ritual Development: An Examination of Family Heirlooms in Contemporary North American Households. Part V: Pushing the Boundary of Ritual. J-S. Marcoux, Moving on to Something Else: The Social Relations of Women During Separation. J.F. Sherry, Jr., R.V. Kozinets, Sacred Iconography in Secular Space: Altars, Alters, and Alterity at the Burning Man Project. Part VI: Afterword. D.W. Rook, Interesting Stuff: A Commentary on Contemporary Consumption Rituals.


    Cele C. Otnes, Tina M. Lowrey

    "The book, with an excellent set of contributors, should appeal to a relatively broad audience in marketing, communications, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. Otnes and Lowrey discuss the important role of ritual in the lives of consumers and the various roles we each play."
    Curtis P. Haugtvedt
    Ohio State University

    "The editors have developed a thorough and well-organized volume. It covers a wide variety of topics and presents several theoretical and methodological approaches to comprehending ritual."
    Elizabeth C. Hirschman
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey