1st Edition

Contemporary Debates in Education An Historical Perspective

By Ron Brooks Copyright 1991

    Did the Thatcher years and their aftermath constitute a revolution or a restoration in education. Do they represent a departure from, or a reinforcement of tradition? Contemporary Debates in Education is a thought-provoking volume which reviews the reforms of the eighties and early nineties, then follow this with an examination of the long-standing issues in education over the last century in order to relate current reforms and changes to their broader historical background, so that those with a general or professional interest in education can better understand the process in which they are involved.

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    Part 1: Contemporary issues in education
    1. A decade and more of debate

    Part 2: Generic issues in education
    2. The debate over the curriculum
    3. Schools, systems and values
    4. Further, higher and adult education since 1900
    5. Undertsanding the 1990s


    Brooks, Ron