1st Edition

Contemporary Parenting A Global Perspective

Edited By Guerda Nicolas, Anabel Bejarano, Debbiesiu L. Lee Copyright 2016
    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    Through a global, multidisciplinary perspective, this book describes how four factors influence parenting practices: a countries historical and political background, the parent’s educational history, the economy and the parent’s financial standing, and advances in technology. Case studies that illustrate the impact these four factors have on parents in various regions help us better understand parenting in today’s global, interconnected world. Descriptions of parenting practices in countries from Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean give readers a contemporary perspective. Both research and clinical implications when working with families from various cultures are integrated throughout.

    Part I reviews the four major factors that shape parenting practices.  Part II features cases written by contributors with extensive experience in parenting practice and research that bring to life the ways in which these four factors influence parenting within their region. Each chapter in Part II follows the same format to provide consistency for comparative purposes: an introduction, historical and political, economic, educational, and societal factors and parenting practices, and a conclusion.

    Each case reviews:

    • Historical and political factors such as slavery, war, and natural disasters and how these factors impact cultural beliefs, parenting behaviors, and a child’s development
    • Economic factors which impact the capacity for consistent, involved parenting which can result in low IQ, behavioral problems, depression, and domestic conflict and the need to account for financial factors when developing intervention programs
    • Educational levels impact on parenting practices and their children’s achievements
    • Advances in technology and its impact on parenting practices.

    Intended for graduate or advanced undergraduate courses in families in global context, immigrant families, family or public policy, multiculturalism or cross-cultural psychology, social or cultural development, counseling, social work, or international development taught in human development and family studies, psychology, social work, sociology, anthropology, racial studies, and international relations, this book also appeals to practitioners and researchers interested in family studies and child development and policy and program managers of governments, NGOs, and mental health agencies.


    Part 1. Framework of Factors Affecting Contemporary Parenting  1. Overview of Historical and Political Factors Affecting Parenting Practices G. Nicolas  2. Overview of Educational Factors Affecting Parenting Practices A. Bejarano, G. Nicolas  3. Overview of Economic Factors Affecting Parenting Practices G. Nicolas  4. Overview of Societal Change Factors Affecting Parenting Practices D.L. Lee  Part 2. Illustrations of Contemporary Parenting Across the Globe  5. Parenting and Culture in Argentina P. Carranza  6. Understanding and Contextualizing Parenting in Brazil G.W. Petrucci, J.C. Borsa, S.H. Koller  7. Parenting in Contemporary China: The Dynamics of Interdependence and Independence L. Lin, C. Huang, Q. Wang  8. Is There Something like German Parenting? H. Otto, H. Keller  9. Parenting Practices and Culture in Haiti M. Clemonth-Mathieu, G. Nicolas  10. Parenting among the Arab Bedouins in the Naqab Desert in Israel I. Marey-Sarwan, H. Otto, D. Roer-Strier, H. Keller  11. Parenting In Nigeria: Extended Family Systems and Religious Diversity I. Fatimilehin, A. Hassan  12. Parenting Beliefs and Practices in Poland G. Kmita  13. Parenting and Attachment in Portuguese Families M. Fuertes, M. Santos  14. Contemporary Families in the Kingdom of Thailand: Where Ancient Buddhist Precepts Meet Modern Society A. Payakkakom  15. Challenges to Parenting and Families in the US Virgin Islands G.R. Dudley-Grant, S.J. Parrilla, M. Rivera-Gordon


    Guerda Nicolas is a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at the University of Miami.

    Anabel Bejarano is Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Master’s Programs in Counseling at the University of Miami.

    Debbiesiu L. Lee is Associate Professor/Associate Chair of the Educational and Psychological Studies Department at the University of Miami.

    "Contemporary Parenting: A Global Perspective... offers a sociohistorical perspective... Altogether, Contemporary Parenting is a valuable, thought-provoking book that should be of interest to professionals, students, and others. It lays groundwork for future research to consider the effects on parenting of history, cultural values, acculturation, technologica, socioeconomic status, and personality varibales--each of which can clearly affect the many iterations of parenting across cultures and over time." - Sherry Lynn Hatcher, Fielding Graduate University, PsycCritiques 

    "This book breaks new ground with its unique exploration of parenting from a global perspective. It will make an important contribution to teachers, counselors, and clinicians working with multicultural and immigrant families. As a textbook, it is an ideal choice for courses in psychology, social work, education, family studies, human development, sociology and anthropology." - Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Rutgers University, USA

    "This all-encompassing volume fills a major gap in the literature. It expands the lens on parenting to the global level. This book should be required reading for mental health professionals and scholars involved in the clinical science. It is a major contribution that advances our field toward a global multicultural psychology." - Guillermo Bernal, University of Puerto Rico

    "This timely book by an excellent group of contributors focuses on parenting in many different settings worldwide, illuminating the influence of contextual factors. Accessibly written, it will be of great interest to readers wanting an overview of parenting in contemporary societies."Rachel Calam, University of Manchester, UK

    "Contemporary Parenting is an important contribution to knowledge about diversity in parenting cultivated by specific cultural and social circumstances. It represents the complexity of parenting and childrearing given the variation and similarities in life realities for parents and families across the globe." - Anderson J. Franklin, Boston College, USA

    "I can definitely see this ... being used as a required text in an advanced undergraduate or graduate course on families in global context, immigration and families, and/or family policy. ... Students will now have an opportunity to read how scholars from different countries conduct research on parenting practices and evaluate the impact of social policies on families." - Ann K. Mullis, Florida State University, USA

    "I would consider using this ... book  ... in family public policy courses. …A major strength is the examination of the four dimensions across several different cultures." – April L. Few-Demo, Virginia Tech University, USA

    "The assemblage of a multi-disciplinary cast of chapter contributors is very impressive. ...The applied emphasis, combined with the contextual emphasis, can bridge the markets of applied parenting experts and parenting researchers. ... Its international emphasis ... is important." – David Shwalb, Southern Utah University, USA