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1st Edition

Contemporary Research in Music Learning Across the Lifespan Music Education and Human Development

Edited By Jennifer Bugos Copyright 2017
    ISBN 9780367877576
    272 Pages
    Published December 10, 2019 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138650428
    272 Pages
    Published August 19, 2016 by Routledge

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    This book examines contemporary issues in music teaching and learning throughout the lifespan, illuminating an emerging nexus of trends shaping modern research in music education. In the past, most music learning opportunities and research were focused upon the pre-adult population. Yet, music education occurs throughout the lifespan, from birth until death, emerging not only through traditional formal ensembles and courses, but increasingly through informal settings as well. This book challenges previous assumptions in music education and offers theoretical perspectives that can guide contemporary research and practice. Exploring music teaching and learning practices through the lens of human development, sections highlight recent research on topics that shape music learning trajectories. Themes uniting the book include human development, assessment strategies, technological applications, professional practices, and cultural understanding. The volume deconstructs and reformulates performance ensembles to foster mutually rewarding collaborations across miles and generations. It develops new measures and strategies for assessment practices for professionals as well as frameworks for guiding students to employ effective strategies for self-assessment. Supplemental critical thinking questions focus the reader on research applications and provide insight into future research topics. This volume joining established experts and emerging scholars at the forefront of this multifaceted frontier is essential reading for educators, researchers, and scholars, who will make the promises of the 21st century a reality in music education. It will be of interest to a range of fields including music therapy, lifelong learning, adult learning, human development, community music, psychology of music, and research design.

    Introduction Jennifer A. Bugos I. Theoretical Perspectives in Music Learning Across the Lifespan 1. Development in Music Education: A Lifelong Learning Perspective Jennifer A. Bugos 2. Psychosocial Theory and the Lifespan of a Successful Music Teacher Steven N. Kelly 3. The Use of Activity Theory as an Analytical Tool for the Music Learning Processes Martin Faulty and Victoria Kinsella 4. The Role of Self-Efficacy on Learning in Music Education Success Rebecca Kasang 5. Redefining Music Literacy: Common Core to Common Score Steve Oare, Elaine Bernstorf, and Selim Giray 6. Music Teachers in Botswana as Lifelong Learners through Action Research Sheelagh Chadwick 7. Brief Focused Inquiry (BFI): A Strategy for Small-Scale Research Studies Across the Lifespan Bernie W. Andrews II. Music Instruction in Early Childhood and the Formative Years 8. Infants’ Home Soundscape: A Day in the Life of a Family Eugenia Costa-Giomi and Xiaoning Sun 9. A Two-Year Study on Young Children’s Interactivity with an iPad App: The Carnival of the Animals (COA) Catherine Ming Tu 10. Music Performance Anxiety in Elementary Music: A Literature Review Johnathan Kladder 11. Relationship between Singing, Cultural Understanding and Racial Attitude: A Cross-Cultural Study in Brazil, Canada, China and Kenya Lily Chen–Hafteck, Alda Oliveira, Zuraida Bastião, Angelita Brook, Elizabeth Andango, Arla Good, Yue Xiao 12. Examining Correlations when Using Amabile’s Consensual Assessment Technique to Support Validity of Teachers as Expert Judges Patrick K. Cooper III. Music Learning in Adolescence to Young Adulthood 13. Aural Skills Assessment in Young Adult Musicians: Results of a Harmony and Word N-Back Task Jennifer A. Bugos 14. Motor-Aural Synchronization in Adolescent Music Students Corin T. Overland 15. Self-Regulated Practice Behaviours in Adolescent Musicians Kim M


    Jennifer Bugos is Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of South Florida, USA.

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