1st Edition

Contemporary School Choice Research Pje V81#1

By Camilla Benbow Copyright 2006
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 2006. This is a special edition of the Peabody Journal of Education that focuses on Contemporary School Choice Research in 2006. It includes ten articles that cover topics such as voucher gins in Washington DC, Florida's McKay Scholarship Program, Cyber and Home School Charter Schools, an analysis of private school mission statements, and switching schools, amongst others.

    Chapter 1 Introduction to the Special Issue on Contemporary School Choice Research, Kenneth K. Wong, Herbert J. Walberg; Chapter 2 Looking Inside the Black Box, Patrick J. Wolf, Daniel S. Hoople; Chapter 3 Are Parents Informed Consumers, Virginia R. Weidner, Carolyn D. Herrington; Chapter 4 Are Charter School Parents More Satisfied With Schools? Evidence From Washington, DC, Jack Buckley, Mark Schneider; Chapter 5 Charter School Enrollments in Context, Natalie Lacireno-Paquet; Chapter 6 Cyber and Home School Charter Schools, Luis A. Huerta, María-Fernanda González, Chad d’Entremon; Chapter 7 Switching Schools? A Closer Look at Parents’ Initial Interest in and Knowledge About the Choice Provisions of No Child Left Behind, William Howell; Chapter 8 An Analysis of Private School Mission Statements, Albert J. Boerema; Chapter 9 The Effect of Residential School Choice on Public High School Graduation Rates, Jay P. Greene, Marcus A. Winters; Chapter 10 Educational Accountability in a Regulated Market, Jacob E. Adams, Paul T. Hill;


    Kenneth K. Wong and Herbert J. Walberg both Department of Education Brown University, Hoover Institution Stanford University