1st Edition

Contemporary Special Education Research Syntheses of the Knowledge Base on Critical Instructional Issues

    354 Pages
    by Routledge

    354 Pages
    by Routledge

    Considerable research in the past 30 years has accumulated regarding the academic and social functioning of youngsters with disabilities. Only in the past decade has there been sufficient special education research published from which meta-analyses and syntheses can be conducted. In this volume, seven sets of authors grapple with synthesizing the knowledge base on an array of critical topics in the field of special education.

    Among others, specific chapters include:
    * a synthesis of what is known about effective instructional grouping practices for reading.
    * an examination of the differences between students classified as learning disabled and other low-achieving students on a range of academic performance measures.
    * a review of effective instruction for English-language learners.
    * an examination of the research on behavioral supports for low-incidence special education populations.
    * a synthesis on how technology supports literary development, across the full spectrum of disabilities categories.

    These papers provide up-to-date, informative summaries of current knowledge and a base from which further venture into the critical area of instructional intervention in special education can occur.

    Contents: J.P. Williams, Foreword. R. Gersten, E.P. Schiller, S. Vaughn, Preface. H.L. Swanson, What Instruction Works for Students With Learning Disabilities? Summarizing the Results From a Meta-Analysis of Intervention Studies. R. Gersten, S. Baker, The Professional Knowledge Base on Instructional Practices That Support Cognitive Growth for English-Language Learners. D. Fuchs, L.S. Fuchs, P.G. Mathes, M.W. Lipsey, Reading Differences Between Low-Achieving Students With and Without Learning Disabilities: A Meta-Analysis. B. Elbaum, S. Vaughn, M.T. Hughes, S.W. Moody, J.S. Schumm, How Reading Outcomes of Students With Disabilities Are Related to Instructional Grouping Formats: A Meta-Analytic Review. J.G. Marquis, R.H. Horner, E.G. Carr, A.P. Turnbull, M. Thompson, G.A. Behrens, D. Magito-McLaughlin, M.L. McAtee, C.E. Smith, K.A. Ryan, A. Doolabh, A Meta-Analysis of Positive Behavior Support. C.M. Okolo, A.R. Cavalier, R.P. Ferretti, C.A. MacArthur, Technology, Literacy, and Disabilities: A Review of the Research. E.P. Schiller, D.B. Malouf, Research Syntheses: Implications for Research and Practice. H. Cooper, J.C. Valentine, K. Charlton, The Methodology of Meta-Analysis. K.A. Kavale, S.R. Forness, Policy Decisions in Special Education: The Role of Meta-Analysis.


    Russell Gersten, Ellen P. Schiller, Sharon R. Vaughn

    "Some of the research syntheses presented in this volume, conducted by some of the nation's most prominent special education researchers, are certain to be of great interest...this volume makes an important contribution to the field of special education and provides important information to those contemplating studying or undertaking research synthesis."
    Contemporary Psychology