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    This book is carefully designed to inform and train readers in the techniques of content-based ESL instruction and to assist them in developing and implementing content-based materials and programs appropriate to their educational institutions and situations. Every chapter presents a balance of theory and practice, focusing on a detailed description, with clear examples of classroom practices including information, suggestions, and instructional tools. Each chapter addresses assessment issues as they apply to the particular methodology described.

    Contents: L.F. Kasper, Preface: Content-Based College ESL Instruction: An Overview Part I:Laying the Groundwork for a Content-Based Pedagogy. L.F. Kasper, Content-Based College ESL Instruction: Theoretical Foundations and Pedagogical Applications. M. Babbitt, R.W. Mlynarczyk, Keys to Successful Content-Based Programs: Administrative Perspectives. D.M. Brinton, Out of the Mouth of Babes: Novice Teacher Insights Into Content-Based Instruction. J.W. Rosenthal, ESL Students in the Mainstream: Observations From Content Area Faculty. Part II:Building English Language Skills Through Content-Based Instruction. P. Master, Grammar in Content-Based Instruction. L.F. Kasper, The Short Story as a Bridge to Content in the Lower Level ESL Course. L.F. Kasper, Film Imagery: A Visual Resource for Clarifying Content and Developing Academic Writing Skill. S.A. Myers, Speaking Science: Developing ESL Materials for University Students in Academic Disciplines. Part III:Incorporating Technology Into Content-Based Instruction. J. Egbert, Computers as Content and Context in a Cross-Cultural Language Field Experience. D.A. Tillyer, L.S. Wood, The Keyboard to Success: An ESL/Basic Writing Internet Partnership. L.F. Kasper, The Internet and Content-Based College ESL Instruction: Reading, Writing, and Research. L.F. Kasper, The Role of Information Technology in the Future of Content-Based ESL Instruction.


    Loretta F. Kasper, Marcia Babbitt, Rebecca William Mlynarczyk, Donna M. Brinton, Judith W. Rosenthal

    "Content-Based College ESL Instruction is a collection of articles that fill a gap in the literature on CBLI. An excellent point of departure for those considering implementing CBLI courses....the authors have managed to strike a good balance between theory and practice, as well as between range and depth of learner level and audience....Individually, each article offers an in-depth discussion of a particluar area within CBLI. Collectively, they provide an excellent overview of the key issues involved in this growing field....In a word, Content-Based College ESL Instruction is essential reading for those in the field of second language teaching. This timely collection of articles makes an excellent case for the reorientation of the ESL program curriculum towards CBLI."

    "Extremely informative....A significant contribution to the field. This book offers a current overview of content-based ESL that combines theory with practice and administrative issues, integrates the use of technology and is accessible to the majority of ESL professionals."
    Marianne L. Rowe
    Bentley College

    "Relevant and up to date....Has much to contribute to content-based instruction....The balance of theory and practice, as well as the focus on assessment...make this book distinctive."
    Jana Harper Makaafi
    Brigham Young University, Hawaii

    "Timely....Provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject and a well-thought out and articulate theoretical rationale....A wide audience, including graduate students, teachers, and administrators will benefit from reading this book."
    Lois Spitzer
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln