2nd Edition

Continuing Professional Development A Practical Guide for Teachers and Schools

By Anna Craft Copyright 2000
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 2004. This text will enable teachers to analyze their own experience of in-service work. It offers tools for evaluating a focused aspect of work, and will help teachers to: explore models of in-service provision; develop understandings of professional and institutional development; develop understanding of the principles of appraisal and review; review and describe their own in-service work; develop and apply criteria for evaluating the quality and value of in-service work; and identify appropriate areas for future in-service work. The book will be particularly useful to teachers and heads, and will be of interest to all those responsible for managing professional development at school.

    Part I: Theories of Teacher and School Development Introduction to Part I 1.Models of Professional Development and Provision 2.Principles of Appraisal 3.Principles of Professional and Institutional Development 4.Teachers, Pupils, Effectiveness and Improvement 5.Evaluation and Professional Development Part II: Evaluating Professional Development Introduction to Part II 6.Evaluation Methodology: Planning Your Data Collection 7.Methods of evaluating Professional Development 8.Developing and Applying Criteria 9.Evaluation Methodology: Handling Data Part III: Planning Future Professional Development Introduction to Part III 10.Using Professional Development Evaluation to Identify Appropriate Future CPD 11.Personal Learning as a Professional 12.Learning Individuals, Learning Schools 13.Megatrends in CPD


    Anna Craft- The Open University

    'I find this a useful book ... For managers and professional development coordinators it is a useful book which will provide a range of rationales for the participation of teachers in professional development and it also clarifies that there are many ways of engaging with such development. It provides an excellent foundation for those responsible for CPD in schools ...' - Bill Goddard, Journal of In-service Education

    Quotes from the first edition:'This is a book that deserves to be widely read. It provides a rationale for delivering INSET, charts a helpful course for the identification of needs and delves the appropriateness of what is on offer. It is, at the same time, a prompt for individual professional development and an important management tool in planning staff INSET.' - Cambridge Journal of Education'It is full of practical and realistic guidance which - importantly - rests on a carefully thought out rationale to which many leading educational researchers have contributed over the years.'