1st Edition

Covid-19 and International Business Change of Era

Edited By Marin Marinov, Svetla Marinova Copyright 2021
    418 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    418 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Covid-19 pandemic has induced a crisis grasping the world abruptly, simultaneously, and swiftly. As a critical juncture, it ignited a change of era for international business. This book illustrates how governments have dealt with the pandemic and the consequent impacts on international business. It also explores the disrupted operations and responses of businesses as their worldwide interconnectivity has been  seriously threatened. 

    The book discourses multidirectional aspects of the effects of Covid-19 on international business, ranging from the juxtaposing forces disrupting globalization and installing a change of era through decoupling of technological, production and knowledge flows to its stimulating aspects to the strategic response on business, industry and state level. The book contains thirty chapters that offer a multidimensional interpretation of impacts of Covid-19 on international business theory and practice.

    Employing the latest state of knowledge on the topic, the book is aimed at international business audience - scholars, students and managers who need to understand better the nature, scope and scale of the impacts of the pandemic on international business.

    1 International Business in the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Marin A. Marinov and Svetla T. Marinova

    Part One: General Outlook of Covid-19 and Its Overall Effects on International Business

    2 Change of Era or Era of Changes

    Jaqueline Pels

    3 Covid-19: Challenges to International Business

    Marin A. Marinov

    4 Digesting a Bitter Cherry on an Over Baked Cake: Renewing the Approach to Corporate Strategy in a Global Turmoil

    Jean-Paul Lemaire

    5 We Are Different. Cross-national Similarities in the Non-response to Covid-19 Pandemic and the Need for Global Cooperation

    Ernesto Tavoletti

    6 Will Coronavirus Kill Globalization?

    Marian Gorynia

    7 The Impact of the Great Lockdown on the Future of the World Economy and International Business

    Kari Liuhto

    Part Two: Covid-19 - Industry Perspectives and Business Models

    8 Covid-19 and the Changing Perception of Strategic Industries: Implications for International Business

    Ahmad Arslan, Zaheer Khan, Minnie Kontkanen and Shlomo Tarba

    9 Change of International Business Models during Covid-19

    William W. Baber and Arto Ojala

    10 Digital Health Business Models during and post Covid-19

    Andrei Panibratov

    Part Three: Impacts of Covid-19 on International Finance and Human Resource Management

    11 Covid-19: Stock Markets Responses

    Sophie Nivoix and Serge Rey

    12 Market Conforming and Non-market Conforming Financial Support Measures in Europe during Covid-19

    Winfried Müller

    13 Covid-19: The Need for New Talent Management Agenda

    Marina Latukha

    14 Expatriates, Rise of Telecommuting, and Implications for International Business

    Ahmad Arslan, Ismail Gölgeci and Jorma Larimo

    Part Four: Covid-19: Global Supply and Value Chains

    15 Covid-19 and Global Value Chains: Reconfiguration of Activities across Borders

    Paolo Barbieri, Albachiara Boffelli, Stefano Elia, Luciano Fratocchi, and Matteo Kalchschmidt

    16 Covid-19, Global Value Chains, Risk, and Resilience

    Jonas Strømfeldt Eduardsen

    17 The Butterfly Effect of Covid-19: Towards an Adapted Model of Commodity Supply

    Laurent Lacroix and Eric Milliot

    18 Sustainable Global Supply Chain Management Model Post-Covid-19

    Sardana Islam Khan and Julian Teicher

    19 Covid-19 and Global Value Chains in South-East Asia and Singapore

    Anikó Magasházi

    Part Five: Covid-19 and International Business Ethics

    20 Corporate Social Responsibility Response Strategies to Covid-19

    Leonidas Leonidou, Bilge Aykol, Pantelitsa Eteokleous, and Angelici Vosko

    21 Is Irresponsible Business Immune to Covid-19? The Case of Modern Slavery

    Snejina Michailova

    Part Six: Small and Medium-Sized Firms and Social Enterprises in Covid-19

    22 Effects of Covid-19 on the Export Operations of Smaller Manufacturing Enterprises

    George Tesar

    23 Covid-19: Challenges to the Internationalization of SMEs

    Ernesto Tapia-Moore

    24 The Power of Social Enterprises: Cooperatives as Partners of Multinational Firms in the Post Pandemic Recovery

    Andrei Kuznetsov and Olga Kuznetsova

    Part Seven: Geographic Perspectives of Covid-19 Impacts on International Business

    25 China Gets Triple Hits by Covid-19

    Shuquan He, Maria Elo, Xiaotian Zhang, and Julia Zhang

    26 Rebuilding Chinese International Business during and Post Covid-19

    Shuquan He and Xiaoying Wang

    27 Danish Companies in China during Covid-19: Staying Afloat and Post-pandemic Trends

    Dmitrij Slepniov

    28 Investment Attractiveness of Central and Eastern Europe for Western Multinational Firms in the Post-Covid-19 Era

    Arnold Schuh

    29 Large Firms and Covid-19: Insights from Brazil

    Thomaz Wood Jr., Jorge Carneiro, and Maria Tereza Leme Fleury

    Conclusive Chapter

    30 Disrupting Globalization: Prospects for States and Firms in International Business

    Svetla T. Marinova


    Marin A. Marinov is Professor of International Business at Aalborg University, Denmark.

    Svetla T. Marinova is Professor of International Business and International Marketing at Aalborg University, Denmark.